My mom was shocked when a loaf of Wonder White bread went from $3.60 to $6.20 at Drakes in Adelaide

Single image reveals the shocking reality of food inflation in Australia: Bread price rises to $6.20 in popular supermarket

  • Adelaide mother outraged over bread price hike at Drakes
  • Tip Top nuts sell for $5.60 and Wonder White variants for $6.20
  • Shocked viewers urged woman to shop elsewhere

An Australian mother filmed her anger after doubling the price of a loaf of bread at a popular supermarket.

Chantel Lobban, mother of two, was shocked to see a price increase in an Adelaide grocery store earlier this month.

A video shared with 76,000 TikTok followers shows the famously labeled Tip Top nuts selling for $5.60 on the shelves, and several Wonder White variants for even more than $6.20.

“Bread just went from $3.60 to $6.20,” says a robotic voice in the video.

“It’s 8 am and I’m very confused.”


The video shows that Wonder White bread, previously $3.60, is priced at $6.20.

The video also shows packets of bread selling for $2.50.

Ms Lobban explained that the clip was filmed at a Drakes supermarket.

The business describes itself as Australia’s largest independent supermarket, although it only has stores in South Australia and Queensland.

The video went viral with 715,000 views and hundreds of comments from baffled viewers.

“It’s going to be an expensive year,” commented one woman.

Another added: “It looks like I’ll never move.”

The third wrote: ‘No more toast guys! It’s cheaper to give them mud cakes for breakfast!’

Others were not surprised.

‘Welcome to inflation. “Prepare for the pain to increase.”

Mother of two (pictured) expresses shock at sudden price increase

Mother of two (pictured) expresses shock at sudden price increase

Knowledgeable shoppers urged mom to shop elsewhere and get generic nuts for a fraction of the price.

‘Hmmmm, just pay $2.50 for the bread. I don’t know where you shop from,’ wrote one.

Some suggested that it would be better if Mrs Lobban made her own bread.

Even farmers have weighed in on the online discussion.

‘Don’t blame us for the price hike, farmers. Supermarkets make huge profits,’ wrote one.

Australia’s largest supermarkets Woolworths and Coles sell Wonder White and Tip Top bread varieties for $3.90 apiece.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Drakes for comment.

It comes amid warnings of more price pain in the vault in 2023, after inflation soared to a 33-year high of 7.8 percent on Wednesday as Australia’s cost of living crisis worsened.

Many viewers urged Adelaide's mother, Chantel Lobban (pictured), to shop elsewhere

Many viewers urged Adelaide’s mother, Chantel Lobban (pictured), to shop elsewhere

Anne shocked to see price hike at independent retailer Drakes (pictured)

Anne shocked to see price hike at independent retailer Drakes (pictured)