My mom reveals how she turned a small kitchen corner into a chic dining area

One mom shared how she created a dining area for her family to enjoy, despite only having a small space.

After posting a home decor project on TikTok where it received over 2 million views, 29-year-old Bethany Hepple from Kent, UK inspired the homeowners with the creative solution.

In the video, Hepple shared how she created a custom bench to fit a small alcove in her kitchen before decorating and adding a table.

Bethany Hebel of Kent, UK, gained viral attention for her creative solution for a small dining space.

“We moved into the house in January of 2021, but it was a new building and we knew we wanted to give it some personality,” Hebel said. Newsweek. “We had a table and chairs there first, but because the space was so small, it got in the way.”

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Hepple spent some time thinking about the space and what she wanted, Hepple took to Pinterest for inspiration and quickly found bench seat examples.

“I fell in love with the idea,” said Hebel, who worked on creating her dream dining space.

“My uncle is a carpenter, so he built the frame and my friend and I added the boards and painted them,” she explained. “The wood and decorative panel cost about £180 ($221) and the paint about £40 ($49).”

By adding cushions on the custom bench and a circular table, the new family dining space was completed.

“We absolutely love it,” Hebel said. “We’re obsessed with the table, too. We had some friends over all weekend and enjoyed drinks and dinner around it.”

“I was so surprised how many people love it as much as I do,” Hebel, who was thrilled with the viral reaction to her innovative project, said she wanted to share her transformation to help inspire others.