Mudbug Brewery’s King Cake Ale Hits Stores This Week


King Cake Ale, as well as other beers from Mudbug Brewery in Thibodaux, will hit Rouses supermarket shelves throughout the area this week.

Brewmaster Wade Dugas and partner Mike Kilchrist restarted operations at the old brewery last February and began distribution this month. The two own the House of the Rising Sun brand, and Dugas said he was looking for a brewery to create his own beers. He met Mudbug’s owner, Peter Leichty, and made a deal to create the old Mudbug classics, as well as his own batches.

“We brought Mudbug back to life and are starting House of the Rising Sun,” Dugas said.

Both brand beers are brewed at Mudbug Brewery, 1878 La. 3185.