Mr. Potato Spread is closed at the Regency Square Mall in Jacksonville

The Regency Square Mall has lost one of its most famous dining halls.

Potato Spread permanently closed Saturday at the 55-year-old shopping center, 9501 Arlington Expressway.

This gourmet potato-stuffed fast food restaurant has been serving customers in the Regency Food Court for 3 and a half years.

Lakita and Aaron Spahn, the restaurant’s founders, announced the closure Friday afternoon in a Facebook post thanking Regency customers and supporters.


“We will continue to accept catering orders at that location, but there will be no pre-appointment or online ordering,” they wrote.

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The couple stressed that Mr Potato Spread remains open in the Orange Park Mall food court, the restaurant’s catering service, deliveries and food trucks.

Mr. Potato Spread started in a Spanns home kitchen, became a catering service, then grew into a popular food truck and then expanded to two food court in the mall.

Entrepreneurs, husband and wife, are preparing to open their first standalone restaurant Mr. Potato Spread at 840 Nautica Drive, Suite 117 in the River City Marketplace in the Northside.

The Chicken, Bacon and Ranch Pot at Mr.  Potato Spread is a gourmet gourmet founded by Jacksonville Laquita and Aaron Spahn restaurants.

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In addition, another couple in Jacksonville – Randall Corsi and his wife, Shineca Summers – are almost ready to open the inaugural franchise location for Mr. Potato Spread at 7159 Phillips Highway, Suite 102, just south of Butler Boulevard.