Mowi launches seafood podcast; ThisFish introduces new processing technologies

To keep track of product launches both inside and outside of Seafood Expo North America, SeafoodSource has compiled a list of some of the products and technologies that debuted in March 2023.

– ThisFish has launched a new processing technology created in collaboration with Orca Specialty Foods. The collaboration developed a waterproof camera to capture images of fish fillets and a machine learning algorithm capable of counting and measuring fillets, classifying colors and identifying five types. quality defects TallyVision debuted at Seafood Expo North America, which took place March 12-14 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

“I have been in the fish processing business for 40 years,” Orca Specialty Foods owner and president David McKinnon said in a press release. “I think TallyVision can be a game changer. We can now see the quality of each fish slice and then feed that data back to fishing companies and aquaculture farms to help improve quality in the future. The sheer volume of quality data is unprecedented because I now have a picture and analysis of every single fish we produce.”

– Dallas, Texas, USA-based Certified Quality Foods announced its latest perishable detection tool, The Certified Quality Reader 3.0. CQ Foods Executive Vice President of Business Development Dana Bartholomew said that this tool is applicable not only for seafood, but also for poultry, pork, fruits and vegetables. The device is small and hand-held, and uses a digital platform with electrical current to quickly and inexpensively determine changes in the cellular properties of food to measure freshness, quality, shelf life and safety for consumption.

“This is a game-changing moment for the food industry and grocery shoppers,” Bartholomew said in a press release. “In today’s market, where 20 percent of all seafood is thrown away, the CQR 3.0 system allows retailers and distributors to gain market insights and low-cost solutions to improve quality, reduce waste, save money and offer better products to their customers. At the same time, food- buyers have a new tool to ensure the freshness of food.’

– Scott & Jon’s announced on March 6, 2023 the release of four new shrimp bowls that will be available nationwide in May 2023. Flavors will include Honey Garlic Shrimp, Shrimp Primavera Orzo, Shrimp Marinara Penne and Mediterranean Shrimp Orzo. Available exclusively at Sprouts starting in July, it will be available nationally later in 2023, Scott & Jon’s said in a press release.

– Safe Catch announced his Safe Catch Elite Wild Tuna, Safe Catch Wild Tuna and Safe Catch Wild Pacific Pink Salmon they are on sale at Walmarts in the US. There are different locations, but they can be purchased through Walmart’s website.

– Mowi CP released his podcast, “Decoding Seafood” on March 9, 2023. Topics explore the supply chain, production, nutrition, and cultural beliefs that influence seafood consumption in America and beyond. The podcast will feature the perspectives of industry leaders, chefs, pop culture influencers and more.

“Driving the Blue Revolution is at the core of our practices, and from a marketing perspective, harnessing the power of content and media continues to be an amplifier of Mowi’s Initiatives. With the ‘Decoding Seafood’ podcast, we hope to build a growing listener base that will become supporters of farmed Atlantic salmon and champions of sustainable seafood practices in the circular economy,” said Diana Dumet Mowi, Director of Marketing, CP of Americas. “This content initiative what’s important is to stay true to Mowi’s values ​​and share seafood issues that are well understood at a commercial or scientific level, but not necessarily at a consumer level.”

Photo by ThisFish/TallyVision