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With just three ingredients, our morning danish rolls recipe might be the best thing since sliced ​​bread. Ironically, slicing bread is the hardest part of the recipe.

Morning danish breadpicture byDaryl Hirsch/2foodtrippers

We also started every morning with cheese sandwiches.

We enjoyed Hart Bageri’s morning roll so much that we came back and ate two more.picture byDaryl Hirsch/2foodtrippers

It was easy on our trips to Copenhagen bakeries Copenhagen bakeries like Hart, Collective, Juno and Lille to eat lots of kanelsnagels, cardamom buns and spandauers. However, ordering a whole loaf of bread was not on our agenda. Luckily, these bakeries bake lots of bread rolls – a handy option for those like us who can’t eat a loaf of bread all at once.

Copenhagen bakeries like Meyers Bageri bake sourdough balls for a city of hungry bread eaters every day.picture byDaryl Hirsch/2foodtrippers

The morning roll is a vehicle of fine flavor – one where funky French Alpine cheese and creamy butter provide a slightly sweet yet funky yin to the yang of the wonderfully crispy, crispy roll.

Of course, while our dinner at the famous intergalactic noma won us over with its extraordinary culinary prowess, the simple Danish breakfast sandwich stands out in our minds when we think of delicious food in Denmark.

Our visit to Copenhagen gave us many opportunities to eat Danish rolls in the morning. We at this one at Lille Boulangerie.picture byDaryl Hirsch/2foodtrippers

After logging on to the simple breakfast and declaring it “My new favorite thing!” Daryl has committed to recreating it in our kitchen at home. Once he did, we both exclaimed “yippee” and quickly wolfed him down.

Seriously, we’re going to be eating morning danish rolls for a long time now that they’re in our lives. We anticipate that you will too. How could you not?

What is a morning danish roll?

Danish morning bread is easy to make with just three ingredients.picture byDaryl Hirsch/2foodtrippers

Gorgeous artisan sourdough bread sets the stage for excellent aged alpine cheeses (in this case, Comté de France) and butter. Although these three ingredients are enough on their own, the morning bun makes them even better.

Pro Tip: The morning Danish roll goes well with coffee and orange juice.

Morning Danish Bread Ingredients

High-quality sourdough bread, great butter, and world-class cheese are all you need to make a Danish bun at home.picture byDaryl Hirsch/2foodtrippers

You only need the following three ingredients to make a Danish bun at home:

  • County Cheese
  • Sourdough bun
  • Butter

You don’t need any special tools or equipment. In fact, you probably already have most of the following tools for this recipe:

  • Bread knife
  • Butter knife
  • Cheese plane or cheese knife
  • Cutting board

No power tools required!

But wait there is more…

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