Monrovia Volunteer Fire/Rescue raises money through the annual Fireman’s BBQ

Madison County, Ala. (WHNT) — It’s usually firefighters who put out fires, but to raise money, Monrovia Volunteer Fire/Rescue (MVFR) will start a grill on fire for its annual Fireman’s BBQ.

Fire/Rescue relies heavily on fundraising and donations to support its operations. According to MVFR spokesman James Feely, the rising cost of merchandise has made their equipment more expensive and inflated fire engine prices by as much as 20%. Despite the high costs, it helps Philly that the equipment is still critical to their jobs.

MVFR works with RD’s Smokehouse selling tubs of pulled pork, chicken, potato salad, and coleslaw. Pulled pork and chicken skillets are $50 and potato salad or coleslaw is $40 a skillet.

They’re also selling Comfort Color T-shirts for $30.

Pre-orders for the BBQ and T-shirts end April 20th, but the BBQ will be available for pickup on the day you choose April 27-29.

With the help of the RD, Filley said the first fireman’s barbecue of 2022 was such a hit that they sold 150 pork chops over a 3-day period.

For more fire/rescue information or to pre-order, you can visit the MVFR website.