Mom-to-be Jawahar Khan tastes chocolate cake, ice cream and more

It is often said that pregnancy can be the most memorable time in a woman’s life. Sudden food cravings are also common during pregnancy. Actress Gauhar Khan is currently expecting her first child with husband Ziad Darbar. The actress keeps us glued to this special journey with various glimpses of her personal life. She posted a video, recently, that gives us a sneak peek into her pregnancy food craving. In the video, we can see Essence indulging in luxurious chocolate brownies topped with chocolate chips. As the video progresses, we can see her taking a plate of packed ice cream cartons out of the freezer right before digging into them. Her caption explains it all. take a look:

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Are you enjoying? Sub Joe Mira del Car,” Gauhar Khan wrote in the caption. She also used the hashtags “Yolo”, “Reel it feels it”, “Fun”, “Mom to be” and “Actor”.

We can never get enough sweets. Whether it’s for a birthday or to cap off a meal with dessert, there’s always room to enjoy cake, pastries, ice cream, and other delicacies. We have curated a list of five heavenly desserts that you can make at home.

1) White Chocolate Cheesecake

Yes, there is such a thing as white chocolate cheesecake, too. Want to impress your special someone? Simply bake this delight and serve with crushed raspberries and strawberries. The white chocolate cheesecake is luxurious and will make your day. Recipe here.

2) Red velvet pastries

Life is full of fun with sweets. do you agree? Apart from just improving your mood, pastries come in limited quantities thus preventing you from over consuming. So what are you waiting for? Bake these delicious red velvet pastries and treat yourself. Find the recipe here.

3) An ice cream sundae

You don’t always have to rely on ice cream parlors to get your favorite ice cream sundae. It can be easily prepared at home using easily accessible ingredients. Chocolate sauce on top with walnuts and a pinch of chili powder enhances the overall taste of this delicacy. Click here for the recipe.

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4) Mango and Coconut Panna Cotta

Summer is here and most of us are going to dive into mangoes. right? How many of you are fond of this seasonal fruit? Well, this epic mango dessert will leave you asking for more. It’s refreshing, creamy, delicious, and just something you need on a hot summer day. Recipe here.

5) Classic tiramisu shots

Here’s a chance to enjoy the classic Tiramisu with a nice twist. Are you ready for it? These stunning picks are a hit at dinner parties. You can trust this recipe even when you are looking for quick and time-consuming dessert options. Find the recipe here.

Now, with the onset of the summer season, are you all ready to indulge in fancy desserts?