Modern kitchen ideas to beautify your home

Give your kitchen a face-lift. Of all the rooms in your home, your kitchen may benefit the most from any other…

Give your kitchen a face-lift.

Of all the rooms in your home, your kitchen may benefit the most from any other room. So if you want to redecorate your home, it pays to focus on ways to make your kitchen more practical and attractive. Here are some modern kitchen design ideas to consider.

White cupboards

White cabinets provide the advantage of a crisp, clean look. They also play well with different countertops and flooring options. Rotem Eylor, founder and CEO of Republic Floors, says, “Most people choose white kitchens, which is the most natural color. In this case, you can easily use any color on the floor to complement it.”

Hardwood floors

Wood floors can look risky in the kitchen. But installing it allows you to have uniform floors on your major level. In addition, solid wood can complement kitchen countertops and cabinets nicely. “The trend is growing for homeowners to want exceptional hardwood floors in kitchens, despite the water damage risks,” says Manny Angelo Varas, president of home design and construction firm MV Group USA.

large central islands

The kitchen is evolving into a gathering place as much as it is a place to prepare food. Large center islands remain a popular design choice. They can also serve as a nice focal point.

Bi-color cabinets

Gone are the days when monochromatic wardrobes dominated. According to Ellor, “There is a strong trend now toward contemporary European-style kitchens, often designed in two tones.” For example, you might see a kitchen in which the upper cabinets are one color and the lower cabinets are another.

Attractive devices

Appliances play a huge role in kitchen design, but these days, homeowners want their appliances to offer aesthetic value as well as function. Stainless steel tends to be a popular choice, as it fits well with most design concepts. “Appliances have definitely gone from being just a functional part of the kitchen to being a huge part of the design,” Ellor explains.

natural light

Overhead lighting is commonly seen in kitchens. But the introduction of natural light is just as important. This can be done by installing a skylight or even adding windows.

Contrasting wood tones

Wood remains a popular choice for kitchen cabinets. But that doesn’t mean that innovators can’t get creative with it. Jessica Sommer, vice president of Wedgewood Homes & Maverick Design says, “We’re seeing a reintroduction of warmer, darker wood tones being used in contrast to the soft faded woods that were in vogue. This combination results in a much more complex and richer color palette.”

More embedded items

If you use your kitchen a lot, you might invest in conserving space, which means you don’t want a microwave monopolizing precious rooftop real estate. Many modern kitchens have features like built-in microwave ovens so they are not an eyesore.

Black closet interiors

Focusing on the inside of cabinets is just as important as focusing on the outside. “A more recent trend that we’ve also seen in high-end kitchens is black cabinet interiors versus white or wood finishes,” Sommer says. “The black interior gives a very premium look that hides dirt, corrosion and stains better than its white or light-colored counterparts.”

White with bright accents

Although white kitchens are popular these days, too much white can be uninspiring. That’s why you’ll often see bold, bright accents incorporated into a white kitchen, such as gold cabinet hardware.

wood accents

Many homeowners love the look of natural wood. If you’re not too particular about wood floors in your kitchen, you can bring wood in through other design elements, such as wall paneling or beams. You can also frame kitchen windows with wood.

Back bold lines

Backsplashes can breathe life into a kitchen whose color scheme might be a bit muted. You can play with different colors and tiles; The latter can also add some nice texture.

Granite and marble countertops

You can never go wrong with granite or marble countertops, says Jeremy Petzalel Medione, founder and CEO of home design platform WeVisu. Light-colored granite or marble in particular matches well with different cabinet and flooring options.

smart phones

Many homes today are equipped with smart technology, so why shouldn’t your kitchen be the same? Barry Schneider, executive director at European Kitchen Center, says, “Many new kitchen appliances, such as refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers, come with internet connectivity and touch controls. This allows you to monitor and control your appliances remotely.”

Integrated sinks

The kitchen sink doesn’t have to be just a home for dirty dishes waiting to be washed. It can also be an eye-catching feature. “The biggest trend in sink styles and something we’re doing in almost every home that we’re working on right now (is) integrated sinks,” Faras says. “This is the process of taking whatever sink the owner chooses and covering it with natural stone or quartzite, making it look as if the sink was carved out of the natural material.”

Mix and match countertop materials

There’s no rule that says countertops are uniform, and these days, more homeowners are mixing things up. “Mixing and matching different materials, such as stainless steel, glass, and concrete, can add texture and visual interest to your kitchen,” says Schneider.

organization features

Keeping a kitchen clutter-free can help it look more inviting, and many designers are incorporating organizational features to make life easier for homeowners. “Drawer organizers and baskets under the shelves make items in your kitchen easier to access and organize,” explains Schneider.

Stores with retractable doors

The pantry door that exits into your kitchen can mess with its flow. This is why retractable doors have become a popular choice for stores. “Stores with retractable doors, also known as re-entry doors, give you easy access to storage space while keeping items out of sight. These pantries often host a range of small appliances like toasters, blenders, and small microwave ovens,” says Schneider.

Stylish overhead lighting

Although natural light is a needed feature in a kitchen, it is not available once the sun goes down. That’s why it’s important to incorporate elegant overhead lighting — fixtures that illuminate without being intrusive. “Good lighting is essential in any kitchen,” says Schneider, “and can create a welcoming atmosphere while making tasks like cooking and food preparation easier and safer.”

design walls

You’ll often find feature walls in dining rooms and bedrooms. But there is a place for them in kitchens, too. “Design wall features behind fireplaces are popular right now,” Faras says. “We like using different textures and textures to provide contrast, like the handcrafted Moroccan tiles in the feature wall.”

Earthen cabinet colors

White isn’t the only cabinet color worth considering for a kitchen remodel. Teri Simone, Head of Design and Marketing at Nieu Cabinet Doors, says, “A great way to give a kitchen a modern style is to paint or refinish the cabinets in a more modern color that is in line with current trends. Deep jewel tones and soft earthy tones with gray tones are becoming popular for cabinetry and décor Both, like rock blue and mossy green.”

Accent rugs

Accent rugs can protect kitchen floors while adding an element of texture and contrast. Plus, you can swap them out to revamp your kitchen whenever you want.

Integrated wardrobe appliances

Some people prefer eye-catching cabinet hardware. But this is not your only option. “Built-in cabinet hardware is the most popular right now,” Faras says. “The elimination of handles and the use of hidden fasteners integrated within the cabinets give the clean look you see in ultra-luxury residences.”

Glass lighting

Glass lighting can turn a kitchen into a work of art. In addition, the glass can reflect well on countertops and backsplashes. A blown glass pendant lamp can be a nice focal point in your kitchen.

Breakfast corners

Kitchens should be as welcoming as they are practical. That’s why many homeowners want sculpted spaces to sit and sip coffee. Some of them can double as work-from-home spaces for those who don’t have space for a separate home office.

Here are some modern kitchen ideas to spruce up your home:

White cabinets.

Hard floors.

Large central islands.

Two-tone cabinets.

Attractive devices.

– natural light.

Contrasting wood tones.

– More embedded items.

Black interiors.

White with bright touches.

– wood accents.

– bold backsplash.

– Granite and marble countertops.

– smart phones.

Integrated washbasins.

Mix and match countertop materials.

Organization features.

– Stores with retractable doors.

Stylish overhead lighting.

Wall design.

Earthen cabinet colours.

Accent rugs.

– Integrated wardrobe appliances.

Glass lighting.

Breakfast corners.

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