Miller’s Market Cafe in Clinton, Tennessee

I’ve been doing this for a long time. It’s actually so long that I’m starting to hit a few milestones. This week’s column is the first of what’s coming next year. 1,000 a week since I took on this Grub Scouting task in the summer of 2003. He points to my corner. Miller’s Market Cafe was not my 1,000.pearl restaurant, however, since a small percentage of the columns are devoted to year-end rankings and various other topics.

Still, thank you for indulging me with this single paragraph to take the occasional note and say that I’ve been deeply grateful for your readers over the years.

I flew solo on my trip to Miller’s Market Cafe in Clinton. Grub Spouse was unavailable on a day when I had time for an afternoon visit. When I arrived, I guessed that the structure must have been a functioning country country shop at some point. Based on my review of the newspaper clippings on the wall, the site appears to have been operating as a restaurant since the early 70’s (with the exception of a period of 10 years).