Meijer LPGA basic menu: lobster, native eating places, serving to the hungry

PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP, Michigan (WOOD) – Meijer LPGA basic followers may have unbelievable hospitality on the Blythefield Nation Membership in Belmont this yr.

The event is kicking off a brand new culinary expertise known as J. Brewer’s on the fourth fairway. The ultimate touches have been nonetheless being made on Monday earlier than the beginning of Thursday’s event.

“We’ll have salmon, we’ll have lobster, we’ll have ribs.” Meijer LPGA Basic Govt Director Cathy Cooper listed J. Brewer’s menu. “You actually need to see it to consider it.”

The Grand Style additionally returns this yr, however within the type of concession stands scattered alongside the route. As a part of Meijer’s variety and inclusion initiative, it showcases native and minority-owned eating places, similar to The Candied Yam Pleasant Southern Delicacies in Grand Rapids.

“Particularly after COVID, it’s wonderful,” Candied Yam proprietor Jessica Ann Tyson mentioned. “It signifies that Meijer acknowledges that the boy from the fry is right here and they’re right here to assist us with our enterprise, and it additionally signifies that we now have the chance to assist them return to the much less lucky.”

A chook’s eye view of Belmont’s Blythefield Nation Membership, which as soon as once more hosts the Meijer LPGA Basic. (June 13, 2022)

The event advantages Meijer’s Simply give program, which helps meals pantries within the Midwest. For Tyson, the trigger comes near residence.

“I used to be adopted, however earlier than that my sister and I needed to eat out of the bins, and we didn’t get an opportunity to have contemporary meals like they do in the present day,” he mentioned. “So having the chance to feed as many individuals as doable was solely associated to Meijer’s mission and we’re very honored to be part of it.”

This yr, Meijer has raised his event fundraising objective to $ 1.2 million, and all proceeds profit meals pantry members.

“As an organization, we see the significance of this, for our staff members, for our neighborhood, for our clients, and we felt it was the proper and completely proper time to do it,” he mentioned. Cooper.


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