Meet celebrity chef, Guyanese-American Lauren von der Poel

Each year, millions of viewers around the world tune in to watch the Met Gala red carpet. From celebrities to athletes to politicians, a time-honored list of who’s who strides the carpet in a sea of ​​paparazzi donning interpretations of the year’s theme. But the stars aren’t just on the carpet. Behind the scenes, even the caterer deserves attention.

For the 2022 Met Gala, ‘In America: An Anthology of Fashion’ was the theme, with celebrity chef and personality Marcus Samuelsson curating a themed menu. As an immigrant, he understood American cuisine to be a gathering place for all who came to the country, so he named his three chefs of diverse backgrounds. One of his was vegan celebrity chef Lauren Von der Poole.

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Von der Poel is no stranger to celebrities. Guyanese-American chefs have worked with some of the biggest names in their respective fields. Stevie Wonder, Common, the Serena sisters, and Patti LaBelle are all just a few of her clients. She has also won Oscars, Grammy Awards, BET Awards, Espys, SAG Awards and many more.

Veganism is often associated with a stigma – food is bland. What makes Von der Poel’s work stand out is the way she dispels that myth. She’s more than just a chef. she is a food artist. her Instagram account, @queen of green, is a testament to her talent and displays an array of incredible food that proves an ancient Roman gourmand. “We eat with our eyes first”.

from the pool trip vegetarianism Shocking, but simple. At 16, she was stabbed in the head. “I was stabbed in the head and nearly died. I was living in a low vibration and I was deep in it,” she said in an interview with The Beet. , is not the first person to radically change his life after facing death, but he acted with awe-inspiring clarity from that moment on. Not only am I wonderful, I am beautiful.

Revived, von der Poel visits a bookstore with an inspiration and buys the first book that catches his eye: ‘Heal Thyself for Health and Longevity’ by bestselling author and wellness coach Queen Ahua. Did. This book had a great influence on her young von der Poel and introduced her to the concept of veganism. Today, she proudly refers to Queen Ahua as her spiritual mother and friend.

The phrase “quit cold turkey” is neither literal nor advice, but Von der Poel’s intensive course in veganism made her give up meat overnight. , I wanted to take advantage of not just food, but herbs and what they did for you and how to make your own medicine,” she explained. I sold raw food in front of me and made my first foray into the food business.

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She completed her formal culinary education at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu, but has carved out a path of her own ever since. “We are what we eat and indeed what we consume on all levels, so let us consume love in the form of food, thoughts and feelings,” Lauren explained her mantra.Her food is her I am meeting the bill. Rap superstar and actor Common said, “I was the healthiest because Lauren was the chef.” Tennis legend Serena Williams has said something similar. In return, I gained even more success, energy and vitality. “

Von der Poel has made waves in the celebrity world, but her work is still accessible to those of us with more humble bank accounts. We offer private one-on-one consultations to find the best plant-based diet plan for you. Also, her Eat Yourself Sexy 21-Day Journey is her 3-week community her detox program that is affordable and available to most people.