Meal Ideas: Stew, Soup, Chili… It’s a revenge for ugly recipes that are too gourmet!

We’ve all already experienced this scene in the impromptu shooting restaurant when the dishes arrive! And there, the drama… the dish you ordered is ugly. What else is the idea to order sauerkraut? Maybe nostalgia.

the Food photography It has never been so fashionable. on social networks, These shots are very polished and above all attractive Dumping our feed seems to have Replace fashion photos! But what will happen next Bistro recipesAnd rustic dishes Gratin, a little burnt? How about soup and carbon and all of those Traditional and family recipesCertainly unattractive, even downright ugly, and yet delicious? Don’t be fooled by its looksThese recipes can be good a surprise for you. We invite you to rediscover 5 symbolic dishes of course Obnoxious but really tasty .

Recipe idea: These are 5 dishes that are ugly but very good

We could have mentioned shepherd’s pie the a little salty or Putin But we preferred to list other recipes for you which does not shine with its appearanceBut it contains nonetheless A melting pot of unique flavours . Isn’t there a famous saying that invites us to do so? never judge a book by its cover?The proof is in 5 recipe ideas that invite us to review Our beauty standards.

1. Bring the sauerkraut up to date

it is difficult to Make this Alsatian dish sensational…with a cabbage base and Entrees are, to say the least, generous This dish is not very popular on Instagram! However, some brands have made it out of this dogma Like a Parisian broth who surf Yesterday’s nostalgia We offer this type of traditional dishes upon request. And if we also bet on bringing sauerkraut back to the front of the stage without any aesthetic pretension? With a little fermented cabbage, smoked bacon, Strasbourg sausage (or Morteau sausage), and some potatoes, make This dish is rustic and localwho is likely to Get everyone to agree aesthetics included.

2. Chilli con carne (ou sin carne) by Eva Longoria

If there is a dish often misjudged by his appearance, It’s hot pepper. It may be incorrectly associated with Brown mush Made from red beans. But even if she’s the most glamorous Desperate Housewife, Also known as Eva Longoria says she loves chili carne, so you didn’t have to complicate more! The secret to hot chili is Add some colour With corn and a little green pepper or tomato sauce. You can then be sure Take care of training By serving cooked white rice on the side and accompanying it with guacamole and fresh herbs to make everything more delicious!


3. Cassoulet from the southwest returns

A few weeks ago, we revealed where to taste the best cassoulet in the world. certainly Not nicer But well and good The best !complex Pork rind l nez or pig ears candied, This dish is from southwestern France It is actually nothing appetizing on paper and is not really known for its photogenicity. However, this cooked dish is garnished with White bullion beans cooked, not forgetting a Toulouse sausage Based on confit duck legIt requires real mastery of the scales so that they are neither too liquid or too oily, or too pale or too brown.

4. Soup, soup is worth a detour!

This is amazing A traditional North African soupmade of tomatoesl vermicelli l hummus Based on vegetables can be decorated of lamb It certainly is hateful et al It is rarely served on the table of exquisite restaurants,But it reveals all its charm from the first spoon. This dish is now getting its revenge and is counting on making a place for itself on our table! with nothing but Crushed tomatoes dried chickpeas, some zucchini and cooked carrots full soup You can season it with a good mixture of spices (paprika, ras el hanout and turmeric). sublimate everythingA little fresh coriander.We are waiting for your photos!

5. Hugo Desnoyer’s Pot-O-Vue recipe

A popular and family-friendly dish, the pot-au-vieux is emblematic of French gastronomy. Artisan butcher Hugo Desnoir which displays the most starred tables He reveals his recipe for gravydelicious. To do this, choose a piece of meat with a bone like veal shank which you drop into a file Pressure cooker And cook covered with water vegetables (Carrots, turnips, parsnips …) And a little bit clove et al star anisefor about an hour.

© Muriel GodryThe artisan butcher shares his recipes in his book The Party Butcher, €35, First Editions.