McDonald’s: This fast food will be replaced by 18 new accommodations!

After ten years of neglect, Buffet’s former McDonald’s restaurant will give way to a brand new 18-unit apartment.

McDo de Beauvais had been left in ruins since 2013. But the city recently decided to demolish it and replace it with 18 new homes. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

McDonald’s: A brand that cares about its image

To build customer loyalty, it is important to have Connect with a small onion. This is what McDou understands because the fast food chain invests a lot in advertising. This is his real warhead!

You only need to see the reaction of customers when the brand is revealed The crazy story of the famous Big Mac. In addition to being simple consumers, they are True fans of the brand !

This past January, we were also interested McDonald’s VIP Card And who is allowed Eat everywhere without spending a penny. Yes, you read that right: free menus are everywhere in France!

We also know that the famous American restaurant loves Celebrate the great days of pop culture. Like the famous “Let the fourth be with you,” Which takes place on May 4th and delights Star Wars fans!

Recently, McDonald’s was also revealed Unusual artwork it should make mouth water clients. You can’t see such a show every day!

However, the brand is not far from blame and has long been criticized for a variety of different reasons. Among them: the presence of a Abandoned restaurant in the city of Beauvais.

But fortunately, this building will soon be destroyed replace them with new housing. MCE TV tells you more!

A former fast food restaurant that will soon be replaced by 18 properties

The wait was long for the residents. But after Ten years of decaythe municipality of Beauvais finally recorded the destruction of the former McDonald’s restaurant.

And the other good news is for the future residents of Beauvais, as a McDo in ruins is going to make way for them New residence of 18 studios. As the municipality explained it was “Pioneering operation of the city’s heart-to-heart plan with the support of the city of Beauvais.” It was time!

Regarding construction time, we already know that work will start this month. Future owners and tenants will be able to settle there. From 2024. Promises!

In addition, they will have a choice between Residence T2 or T4 And he will be able to benefit from a commercial unit on the ground floor. Perfect living environment.

The city of Beauvais also expressed itself on this subject. “Creating new housing is part of an overall strategy to attract Newcomers downtownEspecially families. It offers a range of high-quality housing adapted to current needs.”She said.

Anyway, this work is Good news for everyone. McDonald’s will finally see the disappearance of this old building, which was tarnishing its image, and newcomers will be able to settle in new housing near the city center. everything is OK!