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Unbelievable but true. On its Instagram account, McDonald’s shared a huge painting representing the Big Mac.

McDonald’s never ends with the latest. As the weeks go by, the fast food chain continues to do so To deliver crazier products than ever!

McDonald’s New French Fries, False Good Idea?

For several days, McDonald’s restaurants in France have been conquered by special french fries. Now the potatoes Replaced with… veggie fries.

A little modernity is not only adherents. The latter is made of beets, carrots and parsnips sliced ​​like french fries and Bathe in oil in the same way.
But are these veggie fries actually any better? In a tweet posted on Friday, which has since been viewed nearly two million times, one user protested against it For the nutritional balance of McDonald’s fries.

If you think you are eating healthy with vegetables, you have failed. He wrote on Twitter a comment explaining that there are more calories, saturated fat, and More refined sugar in these veggie fries. It is therefore necessary to analyze the nutritional balance of the products, one by one, to know their fat content.
On the other hand, note that these French fries sold by McDonald’s contain more fiber. its content is “9.5 grams of vegetable stir-fries versus 0.3 grams of French fries,” Defines a dietician in Paris.

The fast food brand releases a bunch of things

McDonald’s France has been providing items to its Instagram subscribers for months. At the year-end festivities, the American brand proposed A jacket in the famous Big Mac colors.

Unfortunately, it is impossible for burger lovers to get it. If it was a McDonald’s store Born in 2010, and therefore the latter is no longer relevant.

This past January, the American brand introduced a makeup palette in the brand’s burger colors. But there again, the company didn’t I offered this makeup palette for purchase.

It will probably be the same for this new gadget offered by McDonald’s. On Friday, March 3, the world’s favorite fast food restaurant launched Very original tissue box.

McDonald’s offers a range of Big Macs

The latter has it Quite simply, the look of a Big Mac. “For drying your tears after finishing your Best Of™ list so quickly #McDo #BigMac”wrote the official account on Instagram. “Especially when you see the menu price, it makes you cry.”wrote a user.

A few days ago, McDonald’s shared a new post on their Instagram account. In the latter, therefore, we see the painting that led to Liked by many netizens.

Indeed, on the latter, we can see Big Mac pictured in a beautiful frame. The American brand captioned the photo with the following message: “The kind of artwork you want to take up and display in your home #McDo #Art #Ill Illustration.” And that was enough for netizens to go wild.

They all wrote that they fell in love with this painting and that they wanted to have it to put in their homes. Tik Toker PoopiBLH attempted to intercept the US tag through social networks.

Oh my gosh I’m buying right away. She wrote the girl who makes videos testing various fast foods. As usual, then the franchise He remained silent like a carp. Damage !