McDonald’s Refusing to Serve Mann Cheese Slices Because I Ordered a Vegan McPlant

McDonald’s refused to serve the man a slice of cheese because he ordered a vegan McPlant.

Vegetarian Lewis Wright says his request was denied when he ordered a meatless burger, so he decided to go back and try it again, and this time he was on filming.

Screengrab from @itsyourboylouis video. Lewis Wright was denied a regular slice of cheese to go with his vegan burger.

Wright from England said. Newsweek: “I’m a vegetarian, so I love McPlants. I don’t like vegan cheese, but it was fine until I switched.

“I’ve done it many times at other McDonald’s and never had a problem before.”


Fast food giant McPlant will fully launch as the UK’s first plant-based burger option on 5 January 2022.

The website describes it as: Seed van. Vegan certified.

According to McDonald’s, McPlant’s vegan cheese is “made from coconut oil and pea protein. It’s vegan sliced, melty and delicious.”

Wright shared the failed order to his TikTok account @itsyourboylouis, which has been viewed more than 10 million times since it was posted on Tuesday.

In the footage, Wright orders a medium McPlant meal at the drive-thru and asks for the vegan cheese to be replaced with regular cheese. Said he couldn’t.

The musician is undeterred and requests a McPlant without cheese, but requests that a slice of regular cheese be sold separately.

At first Wright was told there was nothing wrong with the order, and after paying for it, a clerk came over and said, “It’s a vegan product, so unfortunately we can’t do that.”

Screengrab from @itsyourboylouis video.
Screengrab from @itsyourboylouis video. Lewis Wright filmed a drive-thru order and the video has over 10 million views of him online.

Wright says he’ll pay for a full-price cheeseburger in a separate box, but says he only wants the cheese. However, his request is still denied.

“I’m talking about another product now,” he tells staff.

Then another worker who is said to be the manager came over and said they don’t sell items individually.

“I’m not going to sell it to you.

“You can’t put regular cheese on your burger,” says the man.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said Newsweek Their guidance regarding vegan products may have been “misunderstood” on this occasion.

A spokesperson said, “We apologize for the disappointment you experienced with this experience.

“Our team members understand that our McPlant products are certified vegan and that we have followed advice to restaurants not to customize products with non-vegan ingredients to protect their integrity.

“However, we have taken this opportunity to acknowledge that the guidance may have been misunderstood, and the restaurant team has recognized it. We encourage customers to contact customer service.”

The clip ends with Wright not being served cheese, as he said Newsweek: “I think restaurants and food vendors need to pay close attention to detail when it comes to dietary requirements and ethical decisions. I assume.)

“For this reason, I suggested the idea of ​​serving the cheese separately, but I didn’t think it would be a problem (I was wrong). Restaurants have a duty of care, but they understand. But the final decision is what the customer consumes.”

Wright added that he thought he should have been served cheese, but said, “I think as a society we have created this ‘sue’ culture. Such an illogical response.” ”

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“I’d like to add that I don’t want this director to get in trouble,” Wright said. “He was clearly having a bad time and seemed too proud to back down, but that’s cool. I wish him the best. But next time I want my cheese.” is.”

A follow-up clip shared on his TikTok shows Wright trying another drive-thru, where McPlant and another slice of cheese were sold to him.

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