Mayo ice cream is a gateway to other savory concoctions

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Ice cream makers are having an absolute field day with experimental flavors lately. They gave us salt and straw turkey and gravywhile Van Leeuwen offered the pizza and most recently Poupon gray mustard, all of which I tried. And now there’s a concept store in London that’s dedicated to daily spice-flavored ice cream. called The Ice Cream Projectwho made novelty cups out of flavors like ketchup, mayonnaiseWorcestershire sauce and more.

Is mayonnaise ice cream good?

In all my time as a food writer, I’m not sure I’ve ever found a spice better contentious than maya. Some people can’t live without the stuff (me) for its texture and rich flavor that keeps sandwiches from drying out, its ability to bind salads, and its function as a topping for things like hot dogs, even. Essentially, mayo is just eggs and oil (along with a little acid depending on the recipe). So why wouldn’t this make a good ice cream flavor?

A customer at The Ice Cream Project reported her experience with mayonnaise ice cream and it wasn’t particularly favorable. The New York Post cited curious taster Saaliha Ledgister said: “So far I’ve tried mayonnaise and ketchup. Mayonnaise was not good. The ketchup is a little better, but they’re not as sweet as I’d like because I have a sweet tooth.”

However, this is not the first time that mayo has been made into an ice cream. In 2018, TODAY reported which a Scottish ice cream shop called ICE, in Falkirk, has also created a newer ice cream, much to the chagrin of the internet. The owner, Kyle Gentleman (who has a great last name), said it was a “full of fat and cream, followed by a taste of eggnog… yum!” Different moves for very different folks, I guess.


That got us wondering: What other spices would make a really great ice cream flavor?

Chili Crisp really goes with anything

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While this isn’t a new concept, crunchy chili and ice cream make a great combination. I heard it was good on social media a few years ago, so I tried the combo one day on a scoop of vanilla and was blown away by the contrast in texture and flavor. The dry-roasted chili flakes and spices add crunch, the oil adds a silky, luxurious coating, and the mild heat makes the ice cream’s cooling effect that much more enticing. Of course, there’s also the salt, which amplifies the other flavors in the ice cream, and yes, the combination does the savory and sweet thing. This is a no brainer.

Embrace fish sauce as a dessert flavor

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Fish sauce it is one of the most loved spices in Asia and cooking ingredientsand I strongly believe it’s something the rest of the world should embrace. It’s especially tasty thanks to glutamates naturally found in fish, which would make each scoop of sweet ice cream more compelling than the last. Fish and ice cream? Unusual, perhaps. A great combination? There’s only one way to find out.

Pesto could be a perfect ice cream topper

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Many of us know basil for its role in dishes like pizza and, of course, pesto. Pesto is a unique condiment and sauce that celebrates a whole range of flavors, including the tartness of Parmesan, the sharp garlic and the herbaceous, licorice-like flavor of basil. Basil is underrated in sweets, if you ask me. Have you ever had a sweet cocktail with basil in it? They are delicious. Now imagine the complexity of pesto flavor in ice cream. Would be awesome.

The world of spices is vast. There are all kinds of dressings we use to enhance our food. So, if you had a choice, which condiment would you like to see turned into a pint of frozen dessert?