Mateo Marietti, CEO of CookUnity, on Connecting Chef to Consumer

Takeaway food:

Rethinking how we get our food – A traditional restaurant is a brand under one roof. With a commissary kitchen you can have several brands under one roof. But with CookUnity it’s different. Its “roof” is an application that connects the chef with the consumer. Technology is helping food move more easily, which is a win for both cooks and diners.

Help chefs scale – While the average chef can feed hundreds a day, CookUnity helps them reach thousands with a scalable model that includes kitchen space, ingredients and services essential to running a food business. This model has helped their chefs earn much more money than they would by just cooking in a restaurant.

Customers want variety – In the food industry the customer wants to choose. Mateo Marietti points out that even the big burger brands don’t reach the majority of customers because the market demands options. CookUnity helps provide diners with a wide variety of options by partnering with dozens of chefs across the United States.


CookUnity CEO Mateo Marietti is on a mission to reconnect the farmer and chef for food.

Mateo Marietti co-founded meal subscription service CookUnity with a belief in the power of good food. And good food comes from great chefs.

But too often it’s difficult for chefs, even the best ones, to expand outside the walls of their restaurants.

This is where CookUnity comes in to help.

“We want thousands of people a day to enjoy your recipes, not just hundreds,” Mateo Marietti told Restaurant Influencers host Shawn Walchef of CaliBBQ Media.

CookUnity is an innovative “chef collective” that sells customized meal subscription plans with an emphasis on quality, health and sustainability. Connect the best chefs from the best restaurants directly with thousands of diners across the United States.

The New York-based company provides kitchen space, ingredients and other vital services for its large line of chefs. Food magic can then be scaled much more easily.

“The problem we’re mainly trying to solve is the access problem. So if you’re a successful restaurateur or chef, your impact isn’t that big. Your reach isn’t that big, even those who have success”.

Being a chef with CookUnity means being able to take advantage of a pre-existing customer base, potential for scalability, and far fewer headaches than it takes to run a restaurant.

“We have two chefs who make more than $2 million a year in revenue, while more than 20 percent of our chefs make more than a million,” said the company’s co-founder.

CookUnity meals have included specialties such as Maiko Kyogoku’s Miso Roasted Brisket, Pat LaFrieda’s Parmigiana Chicken, and Asiago Stuffed Gnocchi from previous guest restaurant influencer Fabio Viviani.

Mateo Marietti has been connected to food his whole life. He was born on a farm in Argentina and has long worked in business at the intersection of food, logistics and technology. Mateo estimates that the brands he has built have delivered more than 25 million meals combined.

The 2020 pandemic took CookUnity to another level due to an increase in people wanting to eat at home.

“It was a turning point. And since then we have continued to grow constantly,” he said.

Although CookUnity is operating in an emerging space in the food industry, Mateo knows that in a few years people will get used to the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčordering their meals online directly from great chefs. After all, there was a time when it was still new to rent a stranger’s house through a website or get a ride from a stranger using a mobile phone app.

“I will argue that customers are always looking for new things and not necessarily satisfied,” said Mateo Marietti. “Even the biggest brands, companies become a small fraction (of the market). And to me, that’s a sign that consumers always want to try new things.”



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