Man claims his nephew accidentally ordered 150 pizzas worth 16.9k rupees

A South African Twitter user made his followers cry with laughter after he took to the internet to share a hilarious thread about his nephew accidentally ordering 150 pizzas. According to Tweep, the teenager wanted to order 15 pizzas for himself and some of his schoolmates, and accidentally ended up with 150 instead. The man continues hilariously, claiming that the pizzas are starting to come home in numbers, enough to surprise the young man’s father who tried to ask the delivery guys to come back.

While the man told the story in such detail, he failed to include pictures and videos, causing many of his followers to wonder if there was any truth to it.

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Man says his nephew accidentally bought 150 pizzas

A local man took to the internet to share a funny story about how his nephew ordered 150 pizzas using his father’s card.

According to @misu_zulu, the teenager was buying food for himself and some of his friends using the Mr. D app when there was a mistake.

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In a hilarious caption, he details how the entire family was stunned when dozens of food delivery guys suddenly came out with mountains of mini pizzas.

A local man claims that his nephew accidentally ordered a batch of pizza. Image via Unsplash

“My brother’s son accidentally ordered 150 pizzas using my brother’s credit card. The first party has arrived, and a shitstorm is developing outside,” he wrote, while writing, “How it all started, my niece invited about 20 of her school friends to visit for a little celebration. There was a matrix balls last week, I guess that’s about it. My brother’s card was already linked to his son’s Mr. D app.”

He then added that the teenager wanted to order 15 but pressed the wrong number. According to him the pizzas cost almost R17k.

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Mzansi wants proof

While many people sincerely laugh at the sharing while asking for pizza.

But others have demanded some evidence that this really happened.

@thevendadoll wrote:

“This story would be credible if there were pictures.”

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