Make breakfast exciting again with new vegan scrambled eggs from OGGS

Perfect for scrambling, OGGS Vegan Scrambled Eggs are a delicious addition to your vegan breakfast or brunch.

In addition to recreating the classic scrambled egg, you can use them to rustle up a variety of delicious vegan dishes, from frittatas and omelets to quiches and even sweet treats like creme brulee.

Plus, because they’re made from chickpeas, new vegan eggs are a great natural source of vitamins and protein, and a much healthier alternative to chicken eggs.

In addition, the new vegan eggs produce 60% less CO2 than chicken-derived eggs, and they don’t have to worry about the problems associated with intensive egg farming, so they’re looking for a cruelty-free egg alternative. It’s the best option for people.


Designed with the environment in mind, the bottle is made from 100% recycled materials and is the size of 6 eggs.

talk to Vegan food & livingOGGS founder Hannah Carter commented:

“Give people a way to enjoy a plant-based egg alternative that completes the traditional breakfast and brunch.”

Want to take your vegan breakfast to the next level? Scrambled OGGS is now available at Sainsbury’s for £3.25.

Recent vegan egg boom

While there are many options when it comes to vegan meat alternatives, vegan egg alternative options are still relatively limited.

However, in recent months, news has surfaced that a number of vegan egg products have entered the market.

For example, JUST Egg’s long-awaited and popular vegan egg substitute is due to arrive in Europe later this year after a slight delay.

Additionally, vegan brand EVERY Co. recently launched EggWhite in the US and celebrated by partnering with Chantal Guillon to create a limited edition vegan meringue.

And because of its great taste, Crackd’s liquid vegan egg replacer has become a hit in the UK.

There have even been developments of realistic vegan eggs that can be cracked out of their eco-friendly shells!

These vegan egg substitutes are game-changing, allowing you to create dishes ranging from humble tofu scrambles to elaborate vegan meringues.

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