Madness List Round 1 – Halftime Report

We’ve teamed up with Robert John & Co. to bring you the first ever MENU MADNESS. The food competition has officially begun, and we’re officially in the first round. 32 teams all compete to move on to the next level of voting.


The competition is set up as a bracket-style tournament, just like the ones many of us fill in at this time of year. Each dish needs to get enough votes to beat its opponent and advance to the next round. After the opening round of 32, we move on to “Sweet & Savory 16,” which leads into “Elite Treat 8,” followed by “Flavorful Final 4,” and finally, “Tasty Two.”

Round 1 – Half time report

We started voting yesterday and the first round ends tomorrow at midnight so we wanted to give you our Half Time Report. We don’t give details but the bold restaurant is at the forefront of that game.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Giant Pancakes – Dee’s Diner
Mechanicsville Breakfast – Mechanicsville Neighborhood Kitchen

Giant Pancakes – Dee’s Diner
Mechanicsville Breakfast – Mechanicsville Neighborhood Kitchen

Long John Chocolate – Rolling Bean Pastry Shop
Berry Good Donuts – Gramps Coffee and Donuts

Long John Chocolate – Rolling Bean Pastry Shop
Berry Good Donuts – Gramps Coffee and Donuts

Bread sticks stuffed with pepperoni – 54 Pizza Express
Sweet Potato Biscuits – The Miller House

Cajun Fries – J Good Group
Truffle Fries – Lowry Seafood & Grill

Salad Bar – Briarbatch
Tableside Guacamole – Papa Grande

Mutton – old hickory
Chicken Wings – Mr. B Pizza And Wings

Maple Glazed Salmon – City Walk of Owensboro
Chicken and Mushroom Carbonara – Nikko’s Italian Kitchen

The Wonderburger – Wonder Ways
Hot pepper – Ursa Major

5lb Burrito – Don Mario
Anaconda – Ernesto

Pizza Burger – Island Dairy Fraser
Bigfoot Burger – Slowgo Grill

The Two-Inch Porkchop – Settlement Patty 1880
Hawaiian Rib Eye – Colby’s

Mashed Potato Pizza – Special Pizza Slice
Taco Pizza – Hobo Mickey’s Pizza House

Banana pudding – moonlight
Ice Cream – Mil’s Dairy Drive-In

8lb Pizza – Stylians
Mars Crabbins – Azizeb Pizza

Stromboli – pizza pizza
Stromboli – Rockhouse pizza


Indiana Restaurants

Berea Tacos – Bud’s Rockin’ Country Bar
Tongue Taco – La Camperana

Stromboli pizza – PJ’s pizza
La Dolce Vita – Franklin Street Pizza Factory

Caps n Cheese – Cork n Cleaver
Bacon Roses – Agape Graze

Oatmeal Cream Pies – Be Happy Pie Company
Kentucky Bourbon Balls – Schmidt’s Sweet Candy

Loaded Philly Fries – Lay’s Phillies & More
Gator Fries – Willys Catfish

Family Style Fried Chicken – The Log Inn
Pork Steak – Froggy’s Restaurant & Sports Bar

Frog legs – Yesterdaze
Kebé Nya – The best of Kebé Nya songs

Beef Stroganoff – Gerst Bavarian Haus
Prime Rib & Portobello Pasta – Prime Time Newburgh

Cinnamon Roll Bread Pudding – Kate & K
Downtown Brownie – Piece of cake bakery

Stromboli – Pizza King
Brain Sandwich – Hilltop Inn

Spicy Sweetness Burger – Hornet’s Nest
Angry German – Catering at Papa Bear

Campfire Donuts – Parlor Donuts
Bubble Waffles – Honeymoon Coffee Co.

Footlong Tacos – Los Alfaro
Kung Pao Chicken Burrito – Chino Tacos

Tonkasto Ramen – Domo
Pad Thai – Thai orchids

Double Decker Pizza – Deerhead Sidewalk Cafe & Bar
Pistachio Pizza – Pangea Pizza

Italian salad – rocca bar
Clam chowder – tin fish

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And 32 dishes that represent Kentucky are on the list madness.

Kentucky madness roster round 1

Now is the time to vote. Take a look at the individual matches and vote for your favourite. Voting for this round ends March 15th at 11:59 PM. Then on March 17th, we’ll narrow down the field and start voting for the next round of the tournament.

Thank you for voting! Now make sure you download the station app and turn on your notifications, so you’ll be alerted when new rides open!

At the end of the tournament, when there is only one dish left, we will have a special “overtime” round, which will pit the winning Indiana dish against the winning dish from our sister station in Kentucky. Then there will be a final vote to see which dish (and which side of the river) prevails!

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