Made in Chelsea Verity Bowditch and YouTuber launches vegan eatery

The Clean Kitchen Club currently has stores in Camden, Notting Hill, Wembley and Soho.

<p>Verity Bowditch and Mikey Pearce (Credit Linda Blacker)</p>
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Verity Bowditch and Mikey Pearce (Credit Linda Blacker)

YouTuber Mikey Pearce and Made in Chelsea star Verity Bowditch have teamed up to create a plant-based restaurant chain.

The Clean Kitchen Clubwhich was founded by Mikey in 2020, is a plant-based restaurant that currently has four stores open across London.

After Mikey’s YouTube career started going down a “slippery slope,” he transitioned from being a meat-eating YouTuber to a plant-based restaurateur.

“I actually put on a lot of weight while I was a YouTuber so I went down to Brighton for lockdown and I basically thought, yeah, I want to get in shape,” Mikey told National World.

Verity Bowditch and Mikey Pearce (Credit Linda Blacker)

“One of the main things I did was a plant-based diet. I cut out red meat, I cut out a lot of meat, I ate a little bit of fish. But I actually had a lot of these plant-based meat substitutes, so my mom would make me spaghetti bolognese with quorn.

“Well, if I eat this, it’s really cool, and I think there’s a lot of opportunity to start a brand.”

Mikey’s original idea was a plant-based meat brand, but he went with a Deliveroo vegan-only restaurant instead because it “links plant-based food to the mainstream market”.

Mikey Pearce (credit Linda Blacker)

The Deliveroo idea quickly turned into a chain of stores across London when Mikey discovered that “there’s an appetite for plant-based food at the moment”.

Clean Kitchen Club, whose motto is “we’re 100% plant-based so you don’t have to be”, currently has stores in Camden, Notting Hill, Wembley and Soho.

In October, its fifth and biggest store will open at Battersea Power Station – in a brand new £9 billion shopping centre.

The Battersea Power Station chain will serve food alongside alcoholic shakes, smoothies and cocktails – and Mikey wants people to “think of it as a healthier McDonald’s with a bar”.


Telling how they started working together, he said: “We first met at a party between the two lockdowns and she’s vegan and she’s got a good following.

Credit Lateef Photography

“We were kind of talking about the brand that I created in Brighton and I just said ‘look, I’m looking for someone to join the journey and I’ve always thought that I need to have a business partner in this area who is actually vegan. and is completely sustainable.'”

Mikey’s ambitions for Clean Kitchen Club are big as he plans to “rival the big boys like McDonald’s and Pret”.

The former YouTuber also wants to expand his brand to the US, he adds: “I’ve always wanted to live a bit in New York”.

Credit Lateef Photography

Mikey claims that 80% of the customers who visit his stores are not vegan, which is something he anticipated with his mission – which is to “make vegan food accessible”.

He explained that many people have misconceptions about the vegan diet and think it’s just “leaves”.

He said: “A lot of people think it’s leaves, but we don’t do any of those dishes – we do katsu curry and burgers.

“We use the plant-based meat substitutes, which are just as good. They’re cruelty-free and they’re healthier for you.”

Clean Kitchen Club now has over 80 employees and a number of celebrity investors, including social media influencer Grace Beverly, Made in Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews and singer Conor Maynard.

However, starting a new business in the middle of a global pandemic was not easy.

Mikey said: “It’s been the hardest two years I’ve ever been through. Every day you’re just trying to deal with a problem.”

Clean Kitchen Club food and drinks can still be ordered via Deliveroo and they also offer outdoor catering.