Looking More Like Mardi Gras Every Day

Mardi Gras kicks off this Saturday at Universal Orlando. But food tent signs and more decorations arrived at Universal Orlando overnight.

Mardi Grass

Universal Studios Florida’s Hollywood area gets traditional signage and decorations. These features enhance the Mardi Gras parade as you pass through this area. A few other areas of the parade route also received overnight updates to their decor.

Mardi Grass

Some of the traditional Mardi Gras decor also arrived overnight.

Mardi Grass

However, today’s big update includes the food tents. As of this writing, we still do not have the food and beverage menus for Mardi Gras. Still, we have signs that leave clues about the countries used for the cuisine at this food festival.

Mardi Grass

For example, at Islands of Adventure we have two food tents with signs indicating that Mardi Gras meals will be served there. Here we expect a sample of New Orleans-style cuisines such as jambalaya, beignet, and okra.

Universal Studios Florida’s Gramercy Park area is now also home to four dining tents marked as Mardi Gras dining tents. These will serve a more extensive selection of New Orleans-style cuisine. In addition to those already mentioned, expect “King Cake” and possibly a muffuletta sandwich at these stands.

Guests can also enjoy Puerto Rican-themed cuisine in the Gramercy Park area. While we haven’t received an official statement from Universal Orlando yet, we’re expecting a mofongo version here.

Mardi Grass

The Bloody Mary beverage tent returns to its traditional location at Universal Studios Florida. Guests should expect some extravagant versions of the drinks here. Also, this booth opens earlier than other Mardi Gras tents, which we usually expect to open at 11:00 every day on Mardi Gras.

The Sting Alley district offers a Japan-themed area. Rumors suggest that this location will be selling the very popular ube ice cream waffle cones.

In the San Francisco area, the two tents took on country names overnight. The food and drink theme here will feature “India” and “Indonesia” food and drink.

Mardi Grass

Two dining tents will offer Mardi Gras treats on the bridge from the London Waterfront to Springfield, USA. A German tent and a Belgian tent reside here. Both styles of cuisine were well rated by guests at previous Mardi Gras events at Universal Orlando.

Mardi Grass

Return to the old Fear Factor Live stage before leaving this area. The Danish-themed tent offers Mardi Gras options. Based on location, we expect this food tent to be the second most overlooked tent this year.

A new food truck appeared last week in Springfield, USA. This Trinidad and Tobago themed location should offer some unique options.

Mardi Grass

Speaking of food trucks, Universal Orlando loves food trucks. It will be in a Canadian-themed Gramercy Park area. At the same time, a food truck in the San Francisco area will be selling Spanish-themed food and drink.

The most overlooked food and beverage area this year may be the Columbia themed district. This food and beverage area is located in the indoor seating next to the Animal Actors Stage. We estimate this location serving arepas.

A Brazilian-themed tent stands prominently on the path before heading out for the Hollywood district.

The Battery Park area continues to receive traditional New Orleans Mardi Gras decorations. This area often served New Orleans staples, including many beverage options.

Mardi Grass

Also, near the Battery Park area, the booth next to Café La Bamba just got a new white paint job. Mexican-themed food and drink will be sold in this area. Over the past years, these offers have been highly rated by guests.

Complementing this update, CityWalk is hosting three food and beverage tents for this year. Officially or unofficially, they are yet to be announced in terms of theme. Still, adding Mardi Gras food and drink to CityWalk is a nice touch for this year. Of course, at Universal Orlando, people eat at tables, not trash cans.

Will you attend Mardi Gras at Universal Orlando? Let us know in the comments below.

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