Lizzo gets over the ‘hot stuff’ with help from Daring’s vegan chicken

Today Lizzo appeared on a popular program hot onesHere, celebrities answer pressing questions about their lives while eating chicken wings dipped in 10 increasingly spicy hot sauces. The musical artist was confident she could reach level 10 with the vegan her wings offered by Daring Foods. “So I think this is a no-brainer. So try me out.”

Lizzo made it through the first two wings without issue, and the next two started to fall victim. By level 5, she began to adjust to her spice level and breezed through several sauces, including one made by Black’s own sauce, Collers N Ghost. Before Level 7 featuring her Tyfring’s Curse of 99,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU), Lizzo had to take off her shoes. At level eight, she took off her jacket and vegan dipped her chicken in a dairy-free milkshake to even out the spices.

hot ones

Talking through tears, gritting her teeth and praising Jesus, Lizzo is tasked with discussing her journey to find the best vegan plantain sandwich. “I had a really good one at the Black Rican Vegan,” she says after downing the entire vegan milkshake. , Rizzo is visibly damaged by Spice, but continues. hot ones The team brought in vegan oat milk ice cream, and she went all the way with it.


Throughout the episode, Lizzo talked about topics like her latest album special It also discusses how the Minneapolis music scene and classical music training were key inspirations for her early career. She talks about some of her most iconic fashion looks, staying ahead of the cultural zeitgeist, excellent backing her dancer qualities, her own shapewear her brand her Yitty (which she wore during the show) establishment.

All chickens in this episode are hot ones I’m vegan thanks to Daring Foods. Two of the sauces, Island Wing Sauce and Seven Sleeper, were Level 2 and 5 respectively, contained honey and were not vegan.

Rizzo’s Love for Spicy Vegan Food

Lizzo turned vegan in 2020, and her love of spicy food is creating hacks to curb cravings for her favorite non-vegan foods, including dairy hot Cheetos. In March, she took to her TikTok to share a recipe she created to curb cravings for her favorite spicy chips, based on takis (vegan spicy her chips). To add cheesy flavor, Lizzo added a few Follow Your Heart Gouda cheese slices, boiled yams, a few pieces of high-protein tofu, onions, garlic, nutritional she’s yeast, made from Kelly’s Gourmet blend. I created a vegan cheese sauce for her chips. Cheese palm, salt, pepper and habanero hot sauce.

Aside from her spicy snack hacks, the singer is always sharing her vegan food recipes and finds. hot ones— with her millions of fans on social media. Donated to PSA created by the People (PETA). Falco.

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Darling’s plant-based chicken

outside the riso hot ones In the episode, Daring Foods vegan chicken became a celebrity favorite. The brand recently teamed up with newlyweds Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian for Daring’s “Saucy” campaign while eating buckets of vegan chicken en route to their stay at the famous Chateau Marmont hotel in West Hollywood. I posed.

Kardashian said in a statement at the time, “I honestly can’t believe how much chicken tastes like that.” I’m looking for… That’s why I love Daring.”

VegNews. Travis BarkerKourtneyKardashianxDaring.Ellen VonUnwerth

Ellen Von Unwerth

Daring Foods, which is also backed by music artist Drake, produces plant-based chicken. This is available in several flavors at restaurants such as Monty’s Good, in formats such as pieces and tenders that imitate chicken animals. Burgers and over 9,000 retailers nationwide.

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