List of most fast food obsessed countries in the world. The first one is…

Fast food has emerged as a viable option, thanks to its availability and affordability. Whenever we want a quick and good quality meal, fast food restaurants and chains pop into our minds as the first choice. Whether it is takeaway, delivery or even dine-in, there is no denying that fast food has become extremely popular. Restaurant chains are popping up in every major market around the world, which is why people have easy access to fast food as well. A report recently revealed which countries are the most obsessed with fast food. take a look:

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The report was shared on Twitter by @theworldindex, garnering 80.4k views and 1.6k likes. It was originally released in CEO World Magazine December 2022. In the list, we can see that the USA and UK were at the top. France and Sweden ranked fourth and fifth, and Austria ranked fifth. Meanwhile, India ranked thirteenth on the list.

A number of Twitter users responded to the report through the post. Many felt that Canada should have been ahead. Many were also surprised that France topped the list at number three.

Take a look at the reactions to the report:

This is not the only report that has gone viral in the recent past. Previously, a report showed us a survey of the world’s best sandwiches. Vada pav was an Indian sandwich that featured prominently on the menu. Click here to read more about this story.

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