Liquid Nirvana ‘saved my life’, customer says, juice bar opens new CT location

Just like her oncologist husband, Rosie Kapoor’s passion in life is improving the health outcomes of others.

But its Rx product is in fresh fruits and vegetables in its juice and smoothie bars, Liquid Nirvana, which just opened a third store, this one in Farmington.

“Our goals are the same, our treatment is different,” Kapoor said, referring to her husband, Dr. Dinesh Kapoor, who she said supports her endeavors as a doctor and wife.

Kapur, who has carefully selected the teams in each store, is hands-on and visits all three stores daily.

It has been in business nine years ago, and in addition to the newer location at 190 Main St it has stores in Avon and Glastonbury.

The company already has a strong fan base of customers seeking to address health issues with its juices, juices, and cleanses. Some people want to lose weight, gain energy, strengthen their immune system, and feel healthier in general.

Customer Jeff Shaw said he lost 100 pounds after 58 days of drinking a custom-only drink that contained produce like cabbage, celery, cucumber and Granny Smith apples.

Shaw said he did the regimen with the blessing of his GP and cardiologist, with blood tests every two weeks.

He has since stopped taking four medications and reduced two others to a quarter of what he was once taking. Previously had diabetes, his A1C level increased from 6.6 to 5.2.

“This place has changed my whole life,” he said of Liquid Nirvana. “You really saved my life.”

Shaw said now he’s eating food again – it’s all cured, as his cravings for junk food are gone.

He said he has lost 145 pounds since October.

Kapoor once became an IT manager interested in exploring the health drink business because her husband often talked about nutrition as a way to help patients, including boosting the immune system to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy.

Kapoor said she started thinking about nutrition without sugar.

“I wanted something clean.” Kapoor said. “If I bought an ice cream shop, I would sell tons.”

So she did a lot of research and bought a blender and started making smoothies everyday at home.

She hosted a lot of smoothie parties, experimented with recipes and about a year later created a menu.

Kapoor said that everything in the store is unsweetened and is like a “mini-grocery store” in fresh kale, spinach, celery, carrots, apples, strawberries, bananas, papayas, mangoes and pineapples.

What you love most about visiting each site daily is connecting with customers.

“I love the people’s part. Hearing the stories makes me feel good,” said Kapoor. “I see a customer and I get a smile on my face.”

Kapoor said that work is not about money, as she does not have to work financially.

“What can I do to add value?” On people’s lives, she said.

She remembers a client with stage four cancer telling her he felt stronger after drinking one of her drinks.

Elizabeth Phillips Johnson, 32, has been a regular customer for five years, finding fresh juices made her feel better and look better.

But she moved it up a few notches before her December 2022 wedding because she wanted the dress to fit perfectly.

To achieve this, Johnson started a juicing and cleansing regimen. She lost 25 pounds, felt more focused, slept better, and was able to exercise more because she had less inflammation.

“It changed my life,” Johnson said of the pre-wedding treatment. “There are a lot of juices out there but they probably aren’t fresh. What I love is how they customize it.”

As you like the warmth of the place,

“Everyone who walks into this store, Rosie knows by name,” she said.

Johnson said she tried juicing herself at home, but found the cost and labor not worth it.

The new store is about 1,000 square feet with six tables and Kapoor describes the ambience as “calm”, “zen” and “fun” all at the same time.

“The team is respectful,” she said. “We pick college students who have that sensitivity.”