Le Printemps Engagé, already more than 50,000 euros in donations and pledges, join us!

The group is in full swing and many brands have joined this solidarity movement in favor of the Sans Frontières restaurants. Conceived and launched, with the support of Heoh, this humanitarian operation called Printemps Engagé aims to support and assist the association working to build school canteens in disadvantaged areas. So don’t be late, and get on the generosity train too.

Launched in 2019, at the initiative of France Snacking, Operation Humanitarian ” committed spring » Snacks and catering, is much more than a group for an association, it is a movement we wanted to launch to create a virtuous dynamic for our catering and bakery professions as well as foodservice players more broadly, for the good of a cause and an association. as it happens Restaurants without borders Its mission, since its inception in 2007 by Philip Hersant, is to engage with school children in underprivileged parts of the world to enable them to eat their meals in healthy and hygienic conditions. The association makes it possible to build kitchens, canteens or dining halls to feed students while promoting environmentally responsible approaches (solar ovens, water purification units, vegetable gardens, etc.). Accompanied by two sponsors for several years, Thierry Marx and Michel Boujina.

Already more than 25 “kind” donors are committed to the cause

Two options are available to you, for restaurants or foodservice players, to either donate directly to the association, as part of Printemps Engagé, or adapt the software for very small businesses in restaurants via our partner Heoh to allow customers, in round plus high euros, the difference to be donated to the cause. To date, more than 25 donors have paid (by approximation), paid (via a donation) or promised to pay an amount exceeding 50,000 euros. Many thanks to them and to you all.

France Snacking and Restaurants Sans Frontières, via its President Jean-Maurice Vergneux, thanks its financial contribution for:

Columbus Café & Co., Double, Carl Jr., Class’croute, Brands Baker and their brands Fresh Burritos, Berliner and Meglio, Exki, Kirégal, in Feuillette, Mamatte, Maison Bécam and Marie Blachère bakeries, in Class’croute, in La Famille and Salad & Co, Delineo Group, La Croissanterie, Maison Pradier, Roberta, Picto, Quick, Taobento, Coté Sushi, Pokawa, but also METRO, Transgourmet, RX, Snarr, Feb, Leaders Club and France Snacking.

You want to add your name to the list, whether you are a restaurateur, distributor or food service supplier, write to us [email protected] Feel free to share, like, unite about this surgery, it’s for the benefit of a cause.

And move on to the Sandwich & Snack show where we’ll be handing our final check to the association on April 12th at 3:30pm in the launch area.