Kroger Reveals Trend Predictions for 2021 | 12.18.2020

CINCINNATI — At the top of buyers’ lists this year were diet soft drinks, shredded cheese and flavored potato chips, The Kroger Co. reports. Customers also packed their carts with white wine, heavy cream, fresh burger patties, artisan breads, and singles. – give coffee beans, assorted chocolates and Black Forest ham holiday packs.

“The most popular foods and beverages of 2020 reflect how our customers have not only adapted to the challenges of this special year, but have embraced cooking and eating at home as part of their new habits,” said Stuart Aitken, Kroger’s Chief Merchandiser. “As many of our customers have moved to work from home and virtual classrooms this year, coffee, fresh deli meats and artisan breads have emerged as breakfast and lunch staples, while zero-calorie soft drinks, specialty potato chip flavors, wine and chocolate stood out as favorites of comfort food. Fresh ground beef, premium buns and shredded cheeses were also popular as our customers recreated their favorite restaurant-style burgers at home.

With these insights in mind, Kroger’s team of product developers, chefs and innovators developed a list of trend predictions for the coming year, including examples of products the retailer sells under its Simple Truth and Personal Choice brands.

“Many of our customers have rediscovered their passion for cooking and baking at home in 2020 and are looking to eat more healthy foods and explore more unique tastes and flavors in the year ahead,” said Mr Aitken. “We’re excited about what our brands will bring to consumers in the new year through innovation and delivering the fresh, delicious and on-trend foods they’ve come to expect from Kroger’s portfolio of industry-leading brands.”

Expect an acceleration of food and beverage products with functional benefits to support immune health, digestion, cognitive health, energy levels and stress management. Products offered at Kroger stores include superfood almond butter, shea butter gummies, organic carbonated kefir water and caffeinated water.

Consumers will also continue to seek out easy-to-prepare foods like instant risotto, deep chocolate chip cookies, white cheddar macaroni and cheese, and brown butter bourbon truffle ice cream. More than 60% of Kroger shoppers spend more time cooking at home and experimenting with global flavors and recipes, while restaurant dining and travel are limited. The vendor offers ancho chili with rojo mole meat, Thai stir-fry pad and an Indian-inspired coconut curry sauce.

Diets continue to be popular among health-conscious consumers, but individual approaches to nutrition may combine trends. Kroger predicted the rise of “ketotarianism,” a meatless spin on the low-carb, high-fat ketogenic lifestyle. Products include Keto Cheddar Cheese Crunch, Keto Chocolate Ice Cream, Protein Crunch Crunch, and plant-based brownies and powders.

Mushrooms may be the breakout star of 2021, providing antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, as well as a variety of applications, including mixed plant-based proteins, seasonings, spices, seasonings, and more. adds Kroger offers Instant Mushroom Risotto, Organic Mushroom Umami Herb Relish, Beef and Mushroom Patties and Grilled Mushroom and Truffle Butter Thin Crust Pizza.

Sustainability also affects purchasing decisions. Kroger says products that reduce their carbon footprint, reduce food waste or have plastic packaging will gain more traction in the new year. Innovative solutions are emerging along the way of production, from non-glossy onions to plant-based coatings that extend the shelf life of products.