Kind’s Lubetzky offers an equity platform to help other startups build their rags-to-riches stories.

Formerly known as Equilibra (the family office of billionaire entrepreneur Lubetzki), Camino Partners operates a broad-based investment business, investing in a wide range of assets, including F&B, durable goods, replenishables and FMCG.

Camino’s team – many of them friendly alumni – draw on their extensive experience to take entrepreneurs to the next level.

The New York-based company promises experienced partnerships, a long-term focus and a value-based approach to help experienced entrepreneurs take their disruptive ideas forward.

He can do this by partnering to launch and build a new venture, or in the company’s strategic positions to guide it into its next phase of growth, learning from the fledgling startup Kind Snacks and becoming a powerhouse for the Mars candy maker. It is reported that in 2020, about 4 billion dollars have been allocated for acquisition.

Tempted to think, but reject reality


The good-for-you snack maker grew from an out-of-the-box idea to a multi-billion dollar, multi-category global brand with an initial investment of just $5 million. It has succeeded by taking the road less traveled, breaking industry conventions, and empowering consumers to live better lives without compromising on priorities like taste and convenience. He was also a pioneer of social entrepreneurship, known for his philanthropic approach to encouraging communities and states of mind that work together to “create a kinder world”.

“Through Kind, we’ve gained a wealth of experience in what it takes to define true white space, develop a unique value proposition, and grow an iconic brand that ultimately paves the way for a successful global business.”said Lubecki, who has taken on the mantle as Camino’s chairman.