Kartik Aaryan has dinner with his ex-girlfriend Niharika Thakur in London | Bollywood

Kartik Aaryan is currently vacationing in London and his pics bear a striking resemblance to the website and photos shared by his ex-girlfriend Sara Ali Khan. But Reddit confirmed that the actor was in fact with Niharika Thakur, who was earlier in a relationship with singer Prateek Kuhad. Niharika, a doctor based in the UK, shared a very similar picture of the table from afternoon tea at Claridge’s in London, as shared by Kartik on his Instagram Stories on Sunday. Also read: Are Kartik Aaryan and Sara Ali Khan vacationing together in London? The actors are having dinner at the same hotel, and they shared photos around the same time

Kartik Aaryan seems to have met Dr. Niharika Thakur in London.


Kartik shared a photo of “the only black tea for me”. The table showed a cup of tea with milk and a cup of black tea with scones, some butter, jam and milk.

One Reddit user shared an Instagram story shared by Kartik and another shared by Niharika Thakur. Niharika’s Instagram Story was shared a few hours later. One Reddit user commented on the post, “All I’ve learned is that Kartik is really bad at taking food photos.” Another said, “The difference in aesthetics in both stories lol.” One Reddit user asked, “His mom and sister all docs did they put him with her? Another said, ‘Wait…the location?'” I think yes. The caption also states: “Maybe he’s with Sarah? Oh, that would be so much fun.” Someone called it all a “cold mess.”

Kartik Aaryan seems to have met Dr. Niharika Thakur in London.

Kartik and Sara were earlier in a relationship during the shooting of their 2020 movie Love Aaj Kal. In an interview in August last year, Kartik confirmed their separation as he said he has been single for 1.25 years. He was recently rumored to be having an affair with Hrithik Roshan’s cousin Pashmina Roshan.

Prateik Kahad confirmed his separation from Niharika in an interview with Hindustan Times in November last year. He said, “I’m not (in a relationship). I haven’t been honest about it in a while. Some people still think (I’m in a relationship), but I haven’t been in a relationship for a little while now. Things ended some time ago.” He added, “I am single. I recently got divorced.”