“Just when the bosses think they’re out, we pull them out” [WATCH]


“Even the best chefs can have a bad day in the kitchen, and in a battle of titans you always have to fall,” says the “Top Chef” co-host and judge. Tom Colicchio in a new preview of Season 20 of the online companion series “Last Chance Kitchen.” “They can see me here to try to redeem themselves and maybe get back into the competition.” Watch the trailer above.

“Top Chef” is unique among reality shows in that eliminated contestants can still win the competition. They just have to survive “Last Chance Kitchen”, in which ousted culinary contestants compete for a chance to return to the main show. The winner of each episode lives to fight another day, while the loser is out for good. Last year, the “LCK” champion was Sarah Welch, who survived six rounds, returned to the show and advanced to the final. She eventually lost the title to Buddha Lowho is back on the show for the special World All-Stars competition.

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But the World All-Stars battle is packed with former “Top Chef” winners and runners-up from around the world, so “LCK” will be full of contestants who aren’t used to losing. We already know the first unlucky chef who will try to make a comeback. In the first episode of the season, “London Calling”, samuel albert — the winner of season 10 of “Top Chef France” — stumbled during a vegetable challenge. It wasn’t his vegetables that were the problem, but the protein that came with them. He carelessly forgot to devein his shrimp, which the judges deemed an unforgivable mistake.

We’ll find out who Albert will be up against in “LCK” after “Top Chef” Episode 2 airs next Thursday. How long can he last? And who will end up coming back to the show after falling out? Colicchio jokes, “Just when the Chiefs think they’re out, we pull them out!”

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