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Saving money on our weekly deals is our favorite. If you’re ready to cut back on groceries, toiletries, and even gas, you’re in the right place—Sam’s Club has exclusive member savings on your entire shopping list. Even better, you can save on a Sam’s Club membership today and save big.

Join Sam’s Club for 50% off

Sam’s Club offers shoppers several discounts on tons of essentials, home goods and groceries when they sign up for an annual membership fee of $25 a year — 50% off the regular price of $50. Book in advance to save Wednesday, January 31, 2024.

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A Sam’s Club membership includes exclusive members-only offers, including discounted gas and free tire repairs at Sam’s Club gas stations. Members can also sign up for Sam’s Cash, the club’s rewards program, which is completely free to join and earns cash back on purchases outside of Sam’s Club selection.

To save on all your purchases this year, all you have to do is link an eligible MasterCard, Visa or American Express card to your Sam’s Club account and browse through our selection of available services that offer Sam’s Club rewards. For example, you’ll get 30% Sam’s Cash back when you sign up for a subscription to Peacock, NBC’s streaming service. Office conducting sports events.

Whether it’s your first time joining Warehouse Club or you’re already a member but want more information about Sam’s Cash, we’ve got all the answers you need.

What is Sam’s Club?

For warehouses, gas, food, etc.  sign up for a Sam's Club membership to start saving big.

Sam’s Club offers members massive savings on a variety of warehouse club items, including pantry staples, prepared foods, household items, electronics, tires and prescriptions. You can find these discounts in person at Sam’s Club locations, or you can buy them online and pick them up at your nearest Sam’s Club location.

Is a Sam’s Club Membership Worth It?

In short, yes. From groceries to household essentials to recipes, you’ll find thousands of top-rated items and better-than-usual grocery store prices. If you’re shopping in person, a Sam’s Club membership lets you scan and pay for items over the phone, so you can skip the pain of a checkout line. The benefits don’t end there. Members also enjoy instant savings on low member prices (limited-time promotions loaded on each member’s active card), free shipping on select items, free curbside pickup and free tire repairs. Yes, regardless of where you purchased your tires, they can be repaired at any Sam’s Club as long as they meet USTMA (United States Tire Manufacturers Association) guidelines.

Discount gas, groceries and more.  Become a Sam's Club member to get

You can even get gas discounts, which isn’t easy if you’re out of town this spring. Most Sam’s Club gas stations are restricted to Sam’s Club members and you must show your membership card to purchase gas at a discounted price. Select locations open to the public offer a $0.05 discount for members, so you’ll save even more on premium regular, premium and diesel fuel. Keep in mind that the discount depends on your city and Sam’s Club location.

How do I sign up for a Sam’s Club membership?

Visit the Sam’s Club website and choose between a standard membership or a Plus membership. A standard membership will set you back $25 a year — a 50% discount — while a Plus membership costs $110 a year. With Plus membership you get free shipping on orders and exclusive pharmacy and optical collections, but standard membership still lets you save on all your home essentials.

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What is Sam’s Cash?

Sam’s Cash is a rewards program available to all Sam’s Club members that provides cash back on future Sam’s Club purchases when you complete qualifying activities at third-party merchants. If you’re a current Sam’s Club member, all you have to do is link your valid credit or debit card and find third-party merchants participating in the Sam’s Cash Bonus Offers program to make eligible purchases. Once you’re eligible for Sam’s Cash and earn rewards, you can use them when making purchases at Sam’s Club online, in person, or directly from the Sam’s Club app. The cherry on top? Sam’s Cash never expires, so you can earn rewards points at any point throughout the year.

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What if I’m not happy with my Sam’s Club purchase?

One of the best benefits of Sam’s Club is that it eases the fear of buyer’s remorse. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return most items for an exchange or refund with the seller’s 100% satisfaction guarantee. (Also, if you’re looking to score points on a credit card, Sam’s might be your best bet: Sam’s Club accepts Amex, Visa, Discover, and MasterCard—Costco only accepts Visa.)

If you decide that a Sam’s Club membership isn’t for you, don’t worry—you can cancel your annual membership at any time before your annual membership renews by contacting a member service representative by phone, online live chat, or by visiting any in-club member. Service desk.

You have less to lose and more to gain with Sam’s Club and optional Sam’s Cash in your digital wallet. Start saving big today by stocking up on the best deals at Sam’s Club.

Sam’s Club One Year Membership $25 (Save $25)

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