Janhvi Kapoors Cheat Day Highlights Jalebis, Croissants, Noodles And More – See Pictures

Janhvi Kapoor is someone who always sticks to her diet and fitness regime. The actress does everything religiously, from sticking to a healthy and nutritious meal to her gym and Pilates session. Therefore, she has the right to enjoy her cheating days to the fullest. Janhvi Kapoor gave us a look at her Friday overeating in a series of Instagram uploads. Are you excited to see your tolerance? Warning: Upcoming visuals may make you crave some of the guilty pleasure foods of all time.
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To start with, Janhvi shared a snapshot of her first meal, which was all about bread. Two slices of toast were drizzled with chocolate, while the other two plates were quite similar to French toast. Adjacent to the meal were various toppings that included, among other things, chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, whipped cream, blueberries, and some chopped strawberries. “Do you have any guesses as to what day it is today?” The player made the following note on his post: Check it out below:

Moving on, the next upload featured an Asian release. We can see a plate of sushi along with two dipping sauces and dim sum placed in a traditional wooden box. It had a bowl of noodles and broth on the side that looked super delicious. Oh, and a small serving of pad thai noodles was among many other things in her meal.
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I don’t know about you, but we are aware of Janhvi Kapoor’s love for cheese. Her next Instagram Story has definitely been a mockery for all of us. He cut a piece of bread loaded with cheese. Frankly, it had melt-in-your-mouth traction. This was not it. Janhvi took things to the next level by releasing a slow motion clip of him tearing apart a half-fried cheese-filled sandwich.
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Now, comes the sweet part. For dessert we had two slices of chocolate pastry, hazelnut pastry to give a mouthful of crunch, two slices of strawberry vanilla pastry and a square pastry with added raspberries and strawberries. Desi Indian sweets also brought it to the very tasty dessert dish. A plateful of rasmalai and delicious looking jalebis.


Wait, sweets part 2 is coming. In another post, Janhvi Kapoor released two croissants as well as something resembling a mango and also two scoops of cookie cream ice cream. Not to miss that chocolate bar!
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Are you feeling hungry now? We certainly are!