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The seafood supply is not likely to be harmed

Published: Thursday, January 26, 2023

By: Jonathan Nicholas

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Fung (fifth left) and Chan (fourth right) with leaders Pakatan Harappan Sabah at the CNY Open House.

Kota Kinabalu: Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Security Chan Fung Hen said the return of Chinese tourists would have little or no impact on Sabah’s food security. to high demand. Studies conducted by various non-governmental organizations have warned of the depletion of marine life due to overfishing.

State Agriculture and Fisheries Minister Datuk Seri Jeffrey Kitingan said in 2022 that fisheries resources have passed the 100 percent self-sustaining level (SSL). There are a lot of varieties (seafood). Generally, Sabah sufficiency is 100 percent but when we are talking about a particular type, it could be another scenario. One of the strongest selling points in tourism in Sabah is seafood. However, Chinese tourists usually choose high-quality seafood. This means that local staples such as basung (splint) are not affected. “Maybe the jumbo prawns will be affected, but I doubt it will make that much impact. I think the state Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries is always monitoring the situation,” he said. While many Sabahans believe that Sabah is the number one seafood producer in the country, Chan also said, A small town in Perak called Hutan Melintang produces more. But Sabah has the best quality seafood because of its marine ecosystem. It’s just that Perak has super aquaculture and deep-sea fishing.”


However, Chan said, both places are vulnerable to illegal fishing by raiding Vietnamese ships. The solution offered by neighboring Indonesia is to seize and destroy these vessels to send a strong message that the theft of billions of rupees of seafood destined for Indonesians will not be tolerated. Commenting on the RM33 million frozen food release here involving nine unions last week, Chan said he was glad the activity was finally discovered by the police after 10 years. “Some may ask why only after so long? It may be because of the complex nature of the industrial food complex. Outsiders say this is the work of the cartels but we have to understand if they (illegally) control the imports or directly from the source.” He stated A report by the Malaysian Competition Commission (MyCC) found that some cases involved certain parties manipulating production directly from offshore processing plants.It said: “The government must stress this issue of food security as we cannot tolerate any further misconduct by these food cartels. “Federal and state food ministries will take further participation in consolidating the slogan of unity government,” he said during a meeting at the 2023 Chinese New Year open house celebrations hosted by Minister of State for Industrial Development Phoong Jin Zhe at Kota Kinabalu High School on Tuesday. Phuong said he is happy to host his first open house as a councilor and minister. We’ve done a little bit before but that was as a political party. I’m glad to see the good response. If I’m still receiving support, I’ll host it again next year.” This is a way to show my appreciation because Pakatan became Harappan. We hope to bring new hope and become a beacon of unification for all races which is what Sabah is uniquely known for. More than 700 people, including the leaders of Pakatan Harapan Sabah, attended the festivities.
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