Island Fin Poké Co. is introducing a Korean BBQ Chicken Bowl for a limited time to expand the menu for guests

ORLANDO, Fla., March 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — To introduce a new twist on bold flavors and to appeal to diners who aren’t yet Poké fans, national franchise Island Fin Poké Co. has added a new Korean BBQ Chicken Bowl to its menu. At March 13th and for a limited time only, the new Korean BBQ Chicken Bowl will be available at all locations. This addition is designed to directly diversify their menu, give their diners more options, and welcome chicken lovers to their ohana—which means “family” in the Hawaiian language.

The new Korean BBQ Chicken Bowl has been taste tested and created especially for your guests.

Island Fin Poké Co. is a Florida-based fast-casual concept known for its Hawaiian-style homemade Poké Bowls that are more than just a bowl, they’re a lifestyle. This means that every time a guest experiences a Poké Bowl at Island Fin, it’s an incrediBOWL, made with only the finest ingredients from farm to fork and boat to bowl. In addition to traditional seafood dishes such as tuna, salmon, shrimp and octopus, Island Fin also offers protein dishes such as chicken, tofu and spam to suit all preferences.

The brand has received such positive reviews from diners who have tried chicken trays that they decided to create this particular new tray to appeal to those special diners – knowing they would love the unique flavor combinations. As each bowl is custom designed according to guests’ preferences, this new bowl was made with the intention of creating an unforgettable experience. Each bowl, including the new Korean BBQ Chicken Bowl, has been created to provide guests with a delicious, healthy and flavorful meal.

This new bowl has been taste tested and created especially for your guests. To start, the Korean BBQ Chicken Bowl has a perfectly steamed white rice base. Then the sweet and savory flavor combination is created by blending premium chicken with corn, sweet onions and Korean BBQ sauce, resulting in the classic bold flavor that Island Fin is known for. Kimchi and spicy pickles are then layered on top of the rice and BBQ chicken, sweet onion and corn mix. Then spring onions and sesame seeds are sprinkled on top and finished off with Island Fin’s handcrafted togarashi sauce.

“Adding a new menu item is something we take our time with, and we take it very seriously to make sure our guests will love it. This motivates us to reach the next level to provide remarkable service and an amazing experience to every guest. We’re very excited for our guests to be able to taste the exotic flavors of this new bowl,” says Setterington.

The franchise offers guests a five-plus-one sensory experience, with the ohana vibe being the sixth sense. All of these amazing interactions combine to make the brand so inviting and inviting. Most importantly, the senses are heightened with the incredibly fresh flavor combinations of poké, toppings, mix-ins and sauces with every bite.

“Island Fin is always looking for ways to adapt to our communities and bring something new to the family table. We create everything with the guest experience in mind, including our new Korean BBQ Chicken Bowl,” he says Mark SettertonCEO and co-founder of Island Fin Poké Co.

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About Island Fin Poke Co.

Island Fin Poké Co. is a Florida-based fast-casual concept known for its Hawaiian-style Poké Bowls. From farm to fork, the brand uses the freshest ingredients to bring traditional flavors from the islands to local communities across the country. Founded in 2017, Island Fin Poké Co. has 26 locations open with many more in various stages of development. Island Fin Poké Co. was listed in Fast Casual’s 2022 Movers & Shakers list. For more information or if you are interested in joining Ohana’s brand, please visit

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