Is there a pizza place? National pizza days start on February 9

There are enough “national food days” to fill several calendars. Many of them are extra factual and have a history. Others have a more obscure pedigree. It was created as an extension of what has been around for a while.

When it comes to pizza days, there are quite a few. The leader of the group is probably National Pizza Day, which is celebrated on February 9. It is also known as World Pizza Day. Sounds like a pretty big deal.

Close in March, here comes Pi Day. 3/14 of course. Pizza works, but so does apple pie. Some kind of convenient coincidence.

Coming soon, April 5th, is National Deep Dish Pizza Day. The deep dish is a creation. Then we can have a vacation born of chance. Chicago is considered the homeland of the “deep dish”. It’s just pizza. Unlike traditional pizza, the version is thick, rich, and loaded with gravy, sauce, and cheese. It’s not fast either. A deep dish can stay in the oven for half an hour.

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On the third Friday of May comes National Pizza Party Day. Not a bad idea. Pizza has become a part of many languages ​​just as it is. No translation needed.

Whether you make your own pizza, order takeout, buy frozen or get it delivered to your door, it’s a great idea for friends to get together and share pizza.

The mother of all pizzas is Pizza Margherita. According to the Wikipedia team, “In June 1889, pizzaiolo Raffaele Esposito, the chef of Pizzeria Brandi, invented a dish called “Pizza Margherita” in honor of the Queen of Italy, the Margherita of Savoy and the Italian unification, because its toppings were tomato (red), mozzarella (white) and basil (green), ingredients inspired by the colors of the national flag.”

This much. Tomatoes, cheese and some basil. Pure beauty and taste. It’s the first time I order from a restaurant. If they’re right or close to it, I’ll try a different one. June 11 is the official celebration date.

If you want another pure pizza, try a cheese pizza on September 5. This is national day.

The Pizza Hut company is given credit for inventing National Pepperoni Pizza Day on September 20. This simple combination is one of the most popular versions around. Ordered worldwide. Pepperoni and margherita top the list in many places.

Wait a few weeks and you’ll find out that October is National Pizza Month. This is true. All month long. There are easily enough choices to have a different one each day.

If you’re a hot dog fan, October 11 is reserved as National Hot Dog Pizza Day. Much better products are now offered in most places. You can get a combination of various meats with sausage and peppers leading the way.

October 25 is known as World Pizza Day. This points to the art of making pizza. “This is dough.” The right combination of flour, yeast and water is pizza.

If you want real Italian wood fired pizza, you can get them directly from Talia di Napoli. They send it to us here in Auburn/Opelika. Frozen and securely packaged, their offerings are genuine. Affordable and delivered. Try the artichoke and also the tartufina pizza. Perfect dough and delicious sauces. It cooks in 11 minutes.

To wrap up the year, November 12 brings us the National Pizza with Everything Except Anchovy Day. If you’re a sauce fan, it’s time to grab a few and entertain some friends with your favourite.

It’s a pizza year, and you can start on February 9. You can bet I am.

Jim Sikes is an Opelika resident; food, wine and restaurant consultant; and a columnist for the Opelika-Auburn News. Connect with Chef Jim in the Kitchen on Facebook.