Is That Vegan Teacher really dead on Earth Day 2022?

That Vegan Teacher has been subject to numerous rumors on the internet in the recent past.

The latest hoax claims that the #TikTok star died on April 22, which is also Earth Day.

Now, those of you who are aware of the influencer and the occasion of the day can simply piece the information together to better understand the rumor and its authenticity.

As fans have taken to Twitter to verify the obscure rumor, let us stop you from believing it.

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That Vegan Teacher Miss Kadie (Instagram)

That Vegan Teacher is very much alive

It doesn’t come as a surprise that a new rumor about That Vegan Teacher surfaced on this particular day. She has been a strong advocate

However, we can confirm that the influencer is alive and well. She is busy sharing posts on TikTok and Instagram.

Only an hour ago, on April 22, she posted a TikTok of some healthy vegan snacks that she spotted at a store.

In another video on her Instagram posted at around the same time, she thanked a follower for a motivational comment as they praised her for her efforts.

Don’t pay heed to death hoaxes on Twitter

It is important to check your sources thoroughly before believing such wild and baseless claims about a social media personalities.

Today, a graphic image of a tombstone with That Vegan Lady’s real name, Kadie Karen Diekmeye, along with a fake date of death started making rounds on Twitter, leaving many wondering if she was really dead.

Although you can tell by the look of it that the picture isn’t real, many fell for the rumor never the less.

“Okay wait. WHY DID I JUST LOOK UP MORE ABOUT THE“ death ”of the vegan teacher only to hear that it’s A FALSE ALARM! ??,” asked one concerned fan.


“Help! What? Why are people saying that the vegan teacher died I’m so confused,” tweeted another user.

Monstrous | Official Trailer

BridTV 9640 Monstrous | Official Trailer

TikTok star has been victim of false rumors before

A year ago, a rumor claiming That Vegan Teacher was arrested spread like wildfire and she had to shut it down herself.

She wrote a song with the following lyrics to offer clarification on the rumor.

“Apparently, I’ve been arrested, apparently I’m now in jail. Apparently, there’s some article about me in The Daily Mail. I have no idea what the hell’s going on, I’m just sitting here at home writing an animal admiration song. Please everyone don’t believe the rumours. ”

And, a few months ago, another hearsay claimed that she was pregnant, but it turned out to be untrue as well.

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