Is losing weight for the new year sustainable?

Savannah, JA. (WSAV) — For many people, the biggest decision they made going into 2023 was to go smaller. It is one of the most common decisions and at the same time it can be difficult to see through. There are plenty of ways to lose weight, and the annual fad diets have probably convinced you that everything should revolve around shedding pounds.

But is this weight loss sustainable?

The answer, according to research from North American Medical Clinics, is that the average person who loses a significant amount of weight is ultimately unable to keep that lost weight.

What does this mean?

While it may be frustrating to read, this research shows that losing weight is the most difficult. Instead, it’s keeping the weight off the weight that often proves more difficult.

This research analyzed 29 studies of long-term weight loss. It found that more than half of the weight the participants lost was regained within two years. By five years, the participants had regained 80% of the weight lost.

Another research article from 2005 found that only about 20% of people who attempted to lose significant amounts of weight were able to maintain that loss for at least a year.

Why is it difficult to maintain weight loss?

There are many factors that play a role in maintaining weight loss (or not). The research article linked above found that there are two main factors that influence whether a person is able to maintain weight loss: environmental and physiological responses to weight loss.

Another article published in 2018 found evidence that the behavioral and cognitive determinants that promoted reducing the amount of energy you take in and increasing the amount of energy you expend (diet and exercise) as well as monitoring the balance between the two were what determines whether you are able to actually eliminate weight. the weight you lost

So, people who don’t continue to monitor the energy you use and adjust your energy intake (what you eat) accordingly, you may fall right back into the habits that caused you to gain weight in the first place.

What is the best bet for being able to maintain weight loss?

While you may want to hear it, losing a significant amount of weight that you hope to keep will require you to change more than just your diet. It will require a complete lifestyle change to be able to maintain it.

Moreover, it may require consulting your doctor to find out the best plan for you. After all, you don’t want to end up on a “yo-yo dieting,” which can cause many adverse health effects.