Inside Gwyneth Paltrow’s unrealistic lifestyle as she’s criticized for ‘wellness routine’

Hollywood actress and Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow is no stranger to controversy.

From promoting bougie skincare and a £14,000 sex toy, to inventing a candle touted to smell like her vagina, her name is more than synonymous with a few eccentric product lines with an equally insane price tag.

However, following a podcast appearance earlier this week, her entire lifestyle is now being called into question, after revealing her “daily wellness routine” that is anything but healthy.

Speaking on The Art of Being Well podcast with Dr. Will Cole (who, despite the name, isn’t actually a doctor, but a chiropractor), Gwyneth revealed a plethora of insane additions to her daily life, including fasting, bone broth, sauna time, and even a drip.

So what exactly is Gwyneth’s “wellness routine” and why is it so bad?

Intermittent fasting

In addition to her fasting sessions, Gwyneth is also a big fan of bone broth for lunch(Image: GwynethPaltrow/instagram)

According to Gwyneth, who is best known for starring in movies like Sliding Doors and Iron Man, she prefers to eat her meals earlier in the day.

“I eat early in the evening. I do a nice intermittent fast,” the actress explained.

“I usually eat something around noon and in the morning I have things that don’t raise my blood sugar, so I have coffee.”

“But I really like soup for lunch. I have bone broth for lunch most of the days.

Now, intermittent fasting isn’t a bad thing in itself, and it’s even scientifically proven to have some health benefits, but they won’t work for everyone.

According to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine, not only can it contribute to weight loss and a slimmer body, it can also sharpen the mind and even lead to a longer life.

Studies suggest that intermittent fasting may even lead to longer life expectancy(Image: Gwynethplatrow/instagram)

But for intermittent fasting to work, you need to eat enough during your “meal window” to get the calories your body needs to perform basic functions like breathing or keeping your heart beating.

Bone broth, in particular, does not contain enough calories to maintain the body’s calorie needs.

In fact, it contains hardly any calories, as generic bone broth is much closer to broth than soup and averages less than 50 calories per serving.

However, in Gwyneth’s defense, she hasn’t specified which bone broth she eats, and there are a number of bone broth recipes on the Goop website, some of which contain much more substantial ingredients, such as Chicken Bone Broth (which has half a chicken in it). ) so it’s not a ‘bone broth’ at all and more akin to a chicken soup, without the thickener.


Long walks are one of the star’s favorite ways to work out(Image: GwynethPaltrow/Instagram)

Another of Gwyneth’s wellness practices is to get at least an hour of exercise every day.

“I try to get an hour of exercise, so I’ll take a walk or I’ll do Pilates or I’ll do my Tracy Anderson,” Gwyneth explains.

Unlike several other additions to the star’s lifestyle, this is one thing the NHS actually encourages, as adults are recommended to do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity a week or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity activity.

Exercising without enough calories, however, can be a recipe for disaster, as it can slow weight loss (something Gwyneth clearly doesn’t need to) or even lead to fainting or collapse due to insufficient nutrients to get through a high-intensity workout .

Regular sauna use

Gwyneth Paltrow spends 30 minutes a day in her luxurious infrared sauna(Image: gwynethplatrow/instagram)

After her workouts, Gwyneth revealed that she likes to spend 30 minutes in the sauna before heading out for a dinner that is paleo-based and very plant-based.

“I dry brush and get into the sauna,” the star added. “So I do my infrared sauna for 30 minutes.”

Again, Gwyneth is floundering with a double-edged sword as she promotes her use of a sauna, because in reality, this is a long-established set of studies that have shown the benefits of frequent use, including better mood, lower blood pressure, improved circulation, and even reduced joint pain .

However, the type of sauna Gwyneth uses carries more risks, as an infrared sauna heats the human body rather than the air around it as in a traditional sauna.

And while the benefits may be much the same, the risks are also much greater. A 2018 systematic review found that side effects such as leg pain, respiratory irritation and burns were all possible.

In fact, a 1991 study suggests that adults should spend no more than 15 minutes a day in the sauna – half of what Gwyneth currently enjoys.

Paleo dinner

The founder of Goop follows a Paleo diet(Image: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Goop)

So what does Gwyneth actually eat after a day of coffee, bone broth, exercise, and sauna time?

Well, according to the star, it’s actually pretty easy since she’s currently on a paleo diet for dinner.

Gwyneth said, “For dinner, I try to eat paleo — so lots of veggies.”

She concluded, “It’s really important for me to support my detox.”

Strictly speaking, the Paleo diet itself is a diet based on the idea that by eating like our prehistoric ancestors, we can improve our health.

It means eating a lot of raw meat, fish, fruits and vegetables – or anything that could have been hunted, fished or gathered in the Stone Age.

The Goop founder avoids dairy as part of her Paleo-based diet, instead eating a dinner rich in vegetables(Image: Netflix)

Because the diet encourages you to avoid dairy and grains, followers may be at risk for calcium and vitamin D deficiency, both of which are necessary for bone health.

Gwyneth’s emphasis on vegetable consumption also suggests she may not be eating enough protein, which is essential for helping your body repair cells and make new ones.

A heavy vegetable meal may also not contain enough calories to meet her body’s needs if she ate only a very weak bone broth earlier in the day.

IV use

Gwyneth is a controversial proponent of IVs as a wellness choice(Image: DearMedia/TikTok)

The most controversial addition to Gwyneth’s wellness routine is using an IV or a needle placed in her arm to give her a bag of “medication” that she claims makes her “feel so good.”

In fact, at the beginning of the podcast, Gwyneth revealed that she still had the IV on her arm when she started recording her interview.

‘I’m really embarrassing myself here. I love a drip, I’m an early drip user,” she explained.

She then added that glutathione and phosphatidylcholine were her favorites, before adding, “They’re pretty hard to find, and that makes me feel so good.”

Even presenter Dr. Will Cole chimed in, telling listeners that getting an IV was “so on-brand for both of us,” before adding, “We pod and IV at the same time.”

Podcast host Dr. Will is also a controversial fan of the IVs(Image: Dearmedia/instagram)

Despite his title, Dr. Will is not medically qualified and his comments are in direct contradiction to what many medical practitioners have been saying over the years.

According to most doctors, IVs should only be used when someone is not feeling well, and not just because of a lifestyle.

Even the NHS’s medical director himself, Professor Stephen Powis, has criticized companies and celebrities for pushing fake drugs to the public when there is no evidence to support claims that intravenous infusions offer any health benefits.

“People who are healthy don’t need an IV,” Professor Powis said in an interview recalled by Glamour.

“At best, they’re an expensive way to fill your bladder — and then flush hundreds of pounds down the toilet — but at worst, they can cause significant damage to your health.

Hangover cures and quick fixes just don’t exist, and anyone online saying they do is probably out to make a quick buck at your expense.”