Inside Choco Town, a sweet interactive experience that opens on Thursday

Chocolate lovers, pack your bags and head to Choco Town, a colorful and interactive new attraction that has popped up in the Oakland Mall in Troy.

Open Thursday, the family-friendly Choco Town is open until the end of April in the space formerly occupied by Sears. Inside, energetic employees guide your experience, which promotes mindful tasting, chocolate appreciation, and overall positivity. The whole visit takes about an hour.


Organizers gave some members of the media a preview of the 15,000-square-foot attraction on Wednesday. Here’s what we learned.

What does Choco Town look like inside?

It’s a somewhat guided tour through a world of chocolate lovers. It’s brilliantly lit with lots of colors, sounds, textures, and even smells. One of the main features is to mark each location on a paper map with a rubber stamp. If you do, you’ll get an extra chocolate at the end. (Most of the things you do in the experience are rewarded with a piece of chocolate.)