Influential Bree Lenehan praises ‘real and imperfect’ bodies in new video

Bree Lenehan is back with another body positive post. (Photo via Instagram/breeelenehan)

Bree Lenehan encourages her followers to be themselves.

The 26-year-old took to Instagram on Thursday to share a video of her telling her 674,000 followers that they’re perfect the way they are.

The influencer has gained followers over the years with positive body content that highlights the differences between “Instagram and reality” – which reminds fans not to believe everything they see online.

The video began with Lenehan filming herself in a black tank top and matching shorts. Her hair was perfectly styled while her makeup was bright and fresh.


He playfully put his hands on his hips and posed in a pose before switching to his “natural” form. Here she wore pajama pants and a yellow sports bra. In this part of the clip, Lenehan went without makeup as her brunette tresses turned into a messy bun.

The social media star has polished her body to reveal stretch marks and “loose skin” on her stomach, which she admits is completely normal.

“Who wants to look ‘perfect’ when you can be yourself,” Lenehan wrote in on-screen text.

In the caption, the self-love advocate talked about the pressures we faced growing up when it came to our appearance.

“The reality is stunning! A moment for my loose skin and no, I haven’t had children yet,” Lenehan began. “As kids, we dream of looking like Barbie… when we’re young, dieting fads are sold and we dream of looking like the models and celebrities we see on TV and in magazines.”

“When we become young adults, we compare ourselves to strangers on social media who have seemingly perfect lives, figures, careers, and material things.” “When we become/if we become parents, we break up our cracks, loose skin, saggy tatas, and our vastly different shapes… and when we’re 80, we dream of sitting cross-legged on the ground without going back and wondering how. We’re going to get up again.”

The social media star continued to encourage her followers to “show up” as their true selves.

“We’re dreaming of something again…because we didn’t feel good enough at the time,” she concluded. “Don’t let that stop you, come out as you are. Your true, imperfect, and complete package is loved so much, I hope one day it will be with you.”

In the comments, fans praised Lenehan for her inspirational message.

“Yes, we are all naturally stunning!” followers shared

Another commented, “You are amazing, wonderful and a blessing to every woman on this planet earth.”

“It’s a breath of fresh air, thank you so much for keeping it real!” Written by a fan.

“The courage to share these kinds of things is incredible. You’re a beautiful person on the inside and thank you for reminding women that they are wonderful and normal. It makes me so happy!” added another one.

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