Impossible Foods launches Asian vegan chicken nuggets in Hong Kong

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Bay Area vegan meat brand Impossible Foods will debut its chicken nuggets in Asia this month in Hong Kong.

Impossible Foods entered the chicken wars last year by selling vegan nuggets across America. Burger King tried Nuggets last year in Iowa, Boston and Miami. Earlier this summer, Impossible debuted child-sized vegan his chicken patties. This follows the recent announcement that California will spend his $700 million to upgrade school kitchens and introduce more plant-based foods.

Now, Beyond Meat’s competitors are bringing their vegan nuggets to Hong Kong as they identify opportunities for expansion across Asia, where their competitors have dominated for the past few years.


Hong Kong’s Impossible Nugget

“Our nuggets are one of our most popular products because they taste great,” said Heidi Nam, general manager of Impossible Foods Hong Kong, in a statement. It just so happens to be better for you and the planet, and a great choice for adults and children alike.I can’t wait for people in Hong Kong to try them.”

Impossible Nuggets Hong Kong | Courtesy

The vegan chicken market has been saturated in recent years with products from Impossible as Beyond and a host of competitors such as Hungry Planet, Daring, Naggs and Gardain. In Asia, his TiNDLE in Singapore recently debuted in the US, strengthening its vegan chicken empire. His VFC in the UK is also poised for global expansion following its recent US launch.

But it’s The Impossible’s Nugget that has had the biggest success so far. The company reports that Impossible His chicken nuggets have become the fastest-growing chicken nuggets in the United States.

plant-based demand

Consumers are increasingly demanding plant-based versions of their favorite foods. Chicken is America’s Best-Selling Protein Impossible, the company’s vegan his nuggets are similar in taste and nutrients to traditional nuggets and contain 13 grams of protein. He has 55% less saturated fat than the best-selling chicken nuggets.

Impossible nuggets also have a smaller environmental footprint. The company says the nuggets require 49% less land, 44% less water and 36% less emissions than traditional nuggets.

impossible europe

Hong Kong residents and visitors can try nuggets at several pop-ups around the city, including Little Break Cafe at K11 Musea Donut Playhouse, The Butchers Club food truck at West Kowloon Art Park, and ROOOT at The Mills. I can do it.

Impossible’s vegan nuggets will be available at select Hong Kong grocery stores starting this month, including PARKnSHOP’s Fusion, TASTE, Great Food Hall, U Select, CitySuper, HKTV Mall and HOME+.