I’d rather go to work than stay at home with my kids: ‘So easy’

She’s trying to make it work.

An Australian mother has shared the internet for admitting she would rather go to work than stay at home with her children.

Sarah Torreson went viral on TikTok with the question: “Does a person who works outside the home need more sleep?”

“If I had a choice between staying home with the kids or working after a hard night… I would choose a work day every time,” she captioned the video, which was posted earlier this month. Has been viewed 70,000 times since being uploaded.

“I feel like I’m qualified to speak to this because I have both working days and stay-at-home days, and I want to tell you something that working parents probably do better than stay-at-home parents. don’t want to know.”

The Aussie mum listed the reasons why she loves going to work.

“It’s a lot easier to go to work than to stay home with the kids,” Torresen insisted.

Her reasoning for going to work includes being able to listen to her own music and favorite podcasts as she travels; grabbing a coffee and walking around town; having adult conversations in the office; and using different parts of his brain.

Torresen also said that by the end of the work day, she misses her children and feels excited to see them again. It seems that he has two young girls.

The Australian compared that routine to being at home with the children, who she claimed could go days without “normal human interaction”.

“From the time you open your eyes in the morning until the time you close them at night, you are on. You’re opening fire on the most insanely irrational things,” she argued.

“It’s a constant struggle. It’s constantly being needed by everyone. You’re being yelled at for things, it’s all about what you have to do for someone else.”

Torresen said she can barely enjoy a cup of hot coffee when she’s at home with her kids.

“Most stay-at-home parents dream of sitting in the car for 45 minutes and listening to a podcast or sipping a hot coffee with a coworker,” she stresses.

“Certainly there are caveats to this based on what you do for work or what your partner does for work, but I have to say, throughout the night, whose sleep should really be a priority?”

The video got thousands of views and hundreds of comments and many people gave their opinion.

“It’s my job [paid] break with SAHM [stay-at-home mom] job,” one mom declared.

Another declared, “I would lose my mind as a stay-at-home mom.”

A third revealed, “Agreed but even at work I still carry the mental load about everything.”

“I am a cook so I get paid a lot to do what I do at home but without the stress of waking up a baby. Work is such a nice break,” revealed another.

Other mothers did not agree.

One commenter shared, “I absolutely would not love being at work… I’ve been a stay at home mom for 8 years and I can do whatever I want.”

“I’m a SAHM [stay-at-home mom] And it’s 100 times easier than work. Of course there are challenges in it but basically it is a day off for me.

The debate about being a working mom versus a stay-at-home mom has raged for years, with studies showing that striking a balance may be the way to go.

Research has found that working mothers do significantly more child-rearing than stay-at-home fathers, and that being a single mother is the equivalent of 2.5 full-time jobs.