Ice cream flavor, batch code, and everything to know amid peanut allergy concerns


US dairy brand Ben & Jerry’s has joined the list of companies that have recalled its products due to potential health risks. This time around, Ben & Jerry’s is mentioning one of its most popular ice cream flavors, Ben & Jerry’s Moo-phoria™ Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Ice Cream, due to a packaging error.

The recalled ice cream has been sold out at Sainsbury’s, the UK’s second largest supermarket chain, and the recall only affects consumers in England, Scotland and Wales. The recall began when the ice cream brand learned that Ben & Jerry’s Moo-phoria Peanut Butter Cookie Dough ice cream had an incorrect lid of Ben & Jerry’s Salted Caramel Brownie ice cream. This packaging error means that consumers were not aware at the time of purchase that the product contained peanuts, which can pose a serious health risk to anyone with a peanut allergy.

The recalled Ben & Jerry product is eligible for a full refund

Peanut consumption can be life-threatening for anyone with a peanut allergy (Image via Getty Images)

The affected batch of the ice cream are 435ml tubs bearing the batch code L1278, best dated before April 2023. A spokesperson for the brand said in a statement:

“The safety of our fans who buy and enjoy our products is always our number one priority, which is why we are taking voluntary precautions by recalling this one lot as it may pose a safety risk to people with peanut allergy… We apologize for any inconvenience this caused and thank you for your cooperation.”

They have also issued a point-of-sales notice stating the reason for the recall and the steps to follow if you have already purchased it. People with a peanut allergy must not consume the product and must return it to the store they bought it from, to be eligible for a full refund.


The UK Government’s Food Hygiene Agency said:

Ben & Jerry’s is recalling the product from customers and has been advised to contact the relevant allergy support organizations, which will inform their members about the recall.

Peanut allergy signs and symptoms explored, remember Ben & Jerry

According to the Mayo Clinic, exposure to and consumption of peanuts can be life-threatening for those with a peanut allergy. Symptoms and signs can appear within minutes, including

  1. rash
  2. Irritation and itching in the mouth and throat area
  3. narrowing of the food tube
  4. breathing difficulties
  5. Runny nose

Peanut allergy is also a major cause of anaphylaxis, a severe condition in which blood pressure drops suddenly, and the airways narrow, resulting in shortness of breath.

Fans criticize the company online, referring to their involvement in politics

The recall of the product incited fans to ridicule the famous company on social media platforms. This isn’t the first time the brand has been plunged into controversy, with fans blasting it as they ushered in a foray into left-wing politics, making bold statements about boycotting parts of Israel.

Unilever’s arrangement means that Ben & Jerry’s in Israel will be owned and operated by AQP. Our company will no longer benefit from Ben & Jerry’s in Israel. (🧵2/3)

Tweet embed Is this what happens when your politics get in the way of your day to day work?

Tweet embed really? Are you sure other outlets don’t contain the same allergens? Perhaps you should invest in product quality rather than the virtue of human resources on social media

Twitterati quickly linked their political stance to their recent ice cream recall.