I went to the biggest Costco in the world and got an epic amount of food… I was shocked at how cheap it was, but I was blown away.

A MAN has revealed he went to the world’s biggest Costco and was blown away by the epic snacks in the food hall.

The foodie, who is known on social media as @ghobs, recently took to TikTok to share his thoughts on his epic food haul from Costco.

A foodie has revealed that she went to the world’s largest Costco and was completely blown away by the food.Credit: Tik Tok
The man explained that he was scared at first because the food was so cheap, but he was very impressed with the delicious products.Credit: Tik Tok
He rated the pizza 9 out of 10 and liked the flavorCredit: Tik Tok

The world’s largest Costco can be found in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States, and he explained that it was his first time trying the chain’s food.

He said, “Everything I ate at the biggest Costco ever, for the first time.”

The man filmed himself in the Costco food hall and as he ordered his food – an ice cream cone, a slice of pepperoni pizza, a hot dog, fries and a portion of chicken strips and fries – he was left speechless at price.

In total, his order came to just $16.96 [£13.94].

He noted, “Why is it so cheap? I’m afraid.”

Moments later, he filmed his epic food haul as he added: ‘Here we go. Wow.”

He then proceeded to eat his entire time, sharing his thoughts on each item.

He started with the slice of Italian style pepperoni pizza, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

He said it was: “So cheesy, perfect flavor. 9/10.”

Next, he tried the chicken tenders, which he found very tasty.

He remarked: “Fantastic. So crunchy. 9.5/10.”

After this, he moved on to what he described as a “floppy hot dog.”

After struggling to eat it, he added, “I’m stressed.”

Unimpressed, he explained: “The driest thing I’ve ever put in my mouth. 5/10.”

But things quickly looked up as the food fan moved on to the golden fries.

To his surprise, he explained that the Costco chips were, “Better than McDonald’s fries. wow 10/10.”

To quench his thirst, he took a large gulp of Pepsi as he nodded and said, “This hot dog is needed.”

Finally, for dessert, the man tucked into a chocolate and vanilla ice cream topped with a large cone.

Looking at the delicious snack, he described it simply as “amazing”.

As he took a bite, he was visibly shocked as he concluded: “Wozer, instant 10/10.”

The man’s video left many shocked as it quickly went viral and has since amassed an impressive 1.8 million views.

It has 171.8k likes, 721 comments and 485 shares.

One person said, “This makes me want to go to Costco right now.”

Another added: “The ice cream is superior.”

A third commented: “Those fries looked incredible.”

Meanwhile, another Costco fan remarked, “I live and breathe the Costco Hot Dog.”

While someone else advised: “Of course the hot dog is dry. You have to put spices on it. Costco hotdogs are the best.”

He thoroughly enjoyed the crispy chicken stripsCredit: Tik Tok
However, he was not fond of “dry” hot dogs.Credit: Tik Tok
But things then looked up as he ate the chips, earning them a 10/10Credit: Tik Tok
He also gave the ice cream 10/10Credit: Tik Tok