I made a “gourmet” version of a super noodle sandwich and it was surprisingly delicious


Some say that British food has zero culture, that it’s exhausting, simply a progression of pies and stews, and beige food sources. Notwithstanding, I say something else – we have fried fish and French fries, hamburger wellington, and obviously the meal supper.

We likewise have the Super Noodle sandwich, apparently the most downplayed of the parcel. Disclaimer, I had never attempted a Super Noodle sandwich thus I was given the undertaking of attempting one as well as attempting to improve it.

Straight off the bat, this undertaking was somewhat overwhelming in light of the fact that the formula for the sandwich is a bunch of moment noodles and two cuts of buttered white bread. In any case, for the sake of science, I thought of a formula that could do it some equity.

For the people who are perusing this totally perplexed, a super noodle sandwich is a lot of an understudy feast or something you would eat (likely with disgrace) following a weighty evening. It’s by and large the thing you anticipate, it’s moment noodles (Pot Noodles frequently utilized) ready and put into some bread.

I can’t say I was excessively invigorated for the ‘dish’ however spoiler alert, it tasted very great. It’s difficult to look with disdain upon it, truth be told, yes it’s carbs on top of carbs yet dislike the fixings are terrible they simply feel a piece wrong.

So how did I make it ‘connoisseur’? Indeed, I chose to make an interpretation of the American exemplary peanut butter and jam sandwich. Peanut butter and noodles? That as of now exists and concerning jam (jam) could a hot bean stew jam?

So that is the very thing that I did, I made a zesty peanut butter and jam noodle sandwich. It was truly tasty truth be told, shamefully so.

To refute the expected saturation of the first noodle sandwich I utilized sourdough since nothing says connoisseur like craftsman bread. It’s chewy, it’s firm and when toasted in lashings of margarine it’s an ideal dinner completely all alone.


The formula for this would it be advisable for you wish to make it is as per the following:

1 home of egg noodles
1 tbsp peanut butter
2 tbsp dull soy sauce
a couple of sprinkles of fish sauce
a drop or two of toasted sesame oil
Great quality white bread
Oil and margarine for searing
Presently the technique isn’t so basic as bubbling noodles and adding a bundle of preparing blend yet it’s relatively close. It’s a lot of a dump and stand by sort of feast.

When the noodles are done, and the bread has been toasted now is the right time to gather. Take a scoop of your stew jam, I utilized some from a companion since making jam for a dish like this is a little senseless, then spread it on one side of the bread.

Add your noodles to a container of bubbling water, turn down the hotness once added and let stew for around four minutes or until delicate.

While the noodles are cooking, take each of your elements for the sauce and drop them into a pan or skillet (it doesn’t make any difference). Start to cook these until the peanut butter has emulsified with the lighter fluids and afterward dump your noodles into the dish, alongside a touch of the cooking water to assist it with thickening marginally.

While the noodles absorb the sauce now is the right time to toast the bread. I lean toward the crunchy and delicate surfaces that accompany this, instead of the to some degree tedious experience of the first sandwich.

Put a tbsp of spread in a dish with a drop of oil (stops the margarine consuming) and once frothing, add the bread and toast on each side until fresh and brilliant brown.