I love winter? You can now take a yoga class in the snow in Minnesota

People in the Midwest are very funny. We have a pile, and I mean multiple inches of snow on the ground right now and a group in Minnesota that’s throwing a yoga mat and having a downhill dog. Yes, outside…in the snow. If you missed this winter experience, don’t worry, you have another chance on Saturday.

Enjoy a Snuga (yoga + snow) class in Minnesota on Saturday

Is there any benefit to doing yoga while lying on the snow? I have no idea, but I know I’m going to freeze in my yoga pants as I try to do Warrior II poses with my feet on the snowy floor. But, based on the photos I saw on the Yoga 4 You page, it looks like quite a few people have been enjoying a Snowga class recently at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

If your dream is to experience yoga in all seasons, you can stop the “Winter” Saturday because Yoga4You is leading another class Saturday at 9 a.m. at Charley’s on Pryor at 3950 Green Heights, Trail SW in Pryor Lake, Minnesota.

Here’s a brief description Yoga 4 shared at a Facebook event:

Winter is here – but here in MN that doesn’t mean we have to curl up inside and hibernate for the season! Led by Yoga 4 You and hosting us on the snow at Charlie’s on Prior, join us for one of the hottest new winter activities, Snowga. Snowga is a fun way to combine being outside with your yoga practice. With an emphasis on controlled breathing, meditation, and asanas, and designed for all levels — come breathe the crisp winter air, soak up some vitamin D and stretch those muscles. In addition to a yoga mat, be sure to bring a towel to prevent slipping on the ice.
dress accordingly. The class will be canceled if the temperature is 10 or below.

Text your girlfriends attached to this story and tell them you’re signing up! Get tickets and learn more at Snowga! – Snow + Yoga Facebook event.

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Other fun “winter” events that happen in Southeast Minnesota

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