How to Make Vegan Passover Seder

Passover, one of the most important Jewish holidays, begins this week to commemorate the liberation of the Israelites from slavery by the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt.according to TorahThe prophet Moses begged Pharaoh to free the Jews from bondage. When Pharaoh refused, a plague of biblical, literal proportions followed. Drinking water turned to blood, people turned to boils, and all the eldest sons died. The exception is the Israelites, for whom God saved his sons. Passover celebrates the night when the angel of death “passed” their home.

Today this story is commemorated at an annual feast called the Passover sederParticipants lean back on pillows, drink wine, sing songs and play hide-and-seekAddiction (flat bread), read from an individual Haggadah (religious texts containing stories), and eating traditional foods. seder Plates displaying symbolic foods that help tell the story of the Passover. The holidays celebrate freedom and freedom from bondage, so why not take a walk with an ethical vegan? seder plate?

of seder plate

matzo (unleavened flat bread)

This traditional cracker is the centerpiece of the Passover festival. This symbolizes how quickly the Jews had to flee Egypt. We were in such a hurry to get out of Cairo that we didn’t have time to let the bread rise before baking.Hence the crunchy Matzo Was born. No other breads or fermented grains can be consumed during Passover (a boon for gluten-free folks).

Haroset (mixture of chopped nuts and apples, agave, spices and wine)

Go vegan with agave instead of traditional honey HarosetIts texture resembles the mortar used to lay bricks, symbolizing the painstaking work done by enslaved Israelites. And let’s not forget, why are we eating this delicious and juicy sweet just for Passover?


zero (fresh beets)

Tradition calls for the use of shank bones to honor the sacrificial lamb, but the Bible allows the use of red beets in the seder plate.

Malo (bitter herb)

Horseradish is commonly used to symbolize the bitterness and anguish of slavery.

Batzer (avocado or eggplant)

on the other hand, Beitsa In fact, you need a hard-boiled egg to symbolize fertility. Try a silky avocado or a small, destemmed white eggplant.

carp (vegetables soaked in brine)

Spring parsley is soaked in salt water to represent the tears shed by the Jews in captivity under Pharaoh’s rule.

Haggadah also calls for drinking four, yes, four, glasses of wine during the course of the Passover seder ceremony. In Judaism, wine and religious observances are closely related. Be sure to find a vegan wine marked with a P, which indicates it’s kosher for Passover.

The Seder ceremony can take several hours. Let’s all eat together when it’s done. Being vegan makes it easier to stay kosher, but remember that eating grains at the banquet table is not allowed. serves as a starting point for developing Mizrahi, AshkenaziWhen Sephardi Tradition—it needs a village! Happy Passover!

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