How to have a perfect prom in bangladesh

Picture this: you are an intermediate level student in English, you have just passed your O/A levels, and you have very little time before the pressure of the next academic year settles. And most importantly, it’s prom season. Who wouldn’t want to throw an extravagant party with all of your classmates and have an amazing night of music, dancing, good food and artifacts?

Luckily for me, most Dhaka prom stories share some basic elements – I’ve carefully combined them all to create the ultimate epic prom guide. Now it’s up to you whether you want to call it a how-to or a survival guide.

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Always choose a hotel in an upscale Dhaka neighborhood

A Dhakaiya ball wouldn’t be complete without the venue at a five-star hotel in Gulshan or Banani. With regional elitism now more popular than ever, the last thing you want to suffer is the misfortune of having to attend a ball somewhere in South Dhaka. No matter if your school is in the area, you can proudly declare that you have a traditional education as long as you are away from all your coaching centers and flock to the heart of Dhaka city to enjoy this one night out. American high school life.


Take your friend to prom as pity date

We’ve all seen and dreamed of movies and offers that Netflix teen dramas shove violently in our faces. As we get closer to prom, all of a sudden the only thing everyone will talk about is dates. You may find yourself wanting to use the prom as an opportunity to ask your girlfriend out, but always remember to make a deal with a friend in a similar situation, if you both find yourself on a date, you two will go out together.

Take a sport while creating your perfect outfit

Start prom shopping for girls a month early. Here are a few factors to consider when buying your perfect prom dress: whether the tailor will make it on time, whether aunts will make hateful comments when they see your photos in them, and whether it’s the same color as everyone else is wearing. This is optional, but some of you may even find yourself taking your own measurements at home thanks to the advent of making customized dresses online.

For men, it’s imperative that you somehow manage to buy your suit on the morning of prom day (based on a true story). Even if you can’t do that, there’s nothing more fitting than wearing your fathers’ old suits and being crowned Prom King. Men continue to attend the met gala with the simplest suits, don’t worry, the bar is too low for you.

Convince your family to pay for the ticket

Normalizing the prom concept among parents is still just a dream. You may need to explain exactly why you should spend more than CIS 3000 on something that sounds like a night of debauchery and Western practices (which it certainly is NOT). This is probably one of the toughest steps in this guide, so go lightly and craft some careful rhetoric about how to persuade them.

Thank the organizers

Never forget to show your gratitude to those who light the candle at both ends to give you a night you will never forget. Having a prom takes a huge amount of hard work and determination, so the least you can do after you’ve finished slow dancing to breakup songs is to thank the organizing committee for giving you one of the best nights of your life.

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