How to get three stars in Bludergrad


Establishing a network of future spies, helping train chefs for the Roach burger, and getting swarmed by moles is a difficult but not impossible task.

It is generally unwise to concentrate on more than one course at a time in Two-point campus. But Blundergrad requires players to achieve excellence in both food and spy school. Meanwhile, a steady stream of moles will invade campus.

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The first part of this guide will go over the exact requirements for each star. The strategy to conquer Blundergrad will be the second part. While many walkthroughs take each star individually, it’s extremely difficult to go back and get each piece to 75% attractiveness, for example. It is better to know what to do in advance so that the whole Two-point campus does not need to be shaved and revised.


Requirements for Bludergrad

A star

  • Level B classes: 10
  • Completed research projects: 3
  • Campus level: 10
  • Food score: 75%

Two stars

  • Gastronomy classes B+: 10
  • Student spy level 12: 20
  • Campus Level: 20
  • Expel moles: 3

Three stars

  • A-Grade Spy Graduates: 20
  • Student spy level 18: 1
  • Win $1,000,000
  • Win a celebrity contest

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It is important to note that while some of these demands are difficult, there is no demand for happiness, attractiveness, or entertainment. Yes, it’s wise to keep these categories high, but at least players don’t need to obsess over them. Campus level increases and research projects are also a breeze to complete. The rest of this checklist, however, will require some tactical planning.

Three Star Strategy

Expelling mole care is done in simple or difficult ways. Kick everyone out with a cloud over their head to make things simpler. To avoid expelling good students, slow down the game and watch carefully. Whoever the cloud is following, kick that individual out.

Food quality, grades, student level and the Celebrity Cook-Off are all linked to academic success. Train staff, especially teachers. Maximize their area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise. Improve the equipment of the amphitheater and all the classrooms. Upgrade courses, both, for better results.

Schedule the Celebrity Cook-Off, like when you get three stars in Piazza Lanatra. If the students are good, they will win the competition. Allow for bad luck, don’t be afraid to reschedule the event immediately after losing.

Two-point campus is now available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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